2wd suspension in 2022

Hwy folks just picked up a 2wd..great car but the rear end is clunky and i have a cracked front spring. Wondering what the budget options are for direct replacement for 2 scenarios:

1. Factory Honda options: as springs and shocks are no longer available and there arent many aftermarket options, what CRX or DA Integra options work? Either for stock ride height or slight drop.

2. Aftermarket kits: might be similar to above but since coilovers are adjustable, im thinking there are more options that will work with these cars...ive gone through the suspension setup thread but no one really lists specifics in terms of manufacturers model # and many options are no longer available (ie tokico, etc)

Thanks for any help.


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    @wagoneerer Hi how’s it going, unfortunately they don’t make our spring/struts anymore and a lot of people just go with coilovers to adjust to their liking, Crx/Da will have different strut travel and spring rate I believe compared to the wagon.

    I believe OEM Da suspension will lift either the front or rear up higher than stock for the wagon, the Crx I’m not sure maybe lower the ride height a bit

    there’s a handful of brands that offer good coilovers just have to go with your gut read reviews and budget wise. I had function and form on my last wagon it was ok just a little bouncy cause I was lowered. I recently bought BC coilovers with swift springs, i haven’t installed them on my current wagon yet, I think koni yellows with lowering springs are still available not sure about Tokico

  • Thanks for the note.

    So in the interest of trying to stay on budget and keep the car as original as possible, I found this kit which would use factory parts including shocks, anyone know if it would fit?

    Seems like it would just be a matter of adjustability range with the supplied hardware.

  • Those will fit, I just don’t know how they will perform it’s been awhile since I’ve heard reviews or know people that have these installed

  • So I found these from a CRX. They look like regular struts with coilover inserts. What issues or compromises am I going to get into trying to make then work on my 2wd?

  • I don’t think you’ll run into any issues,I do recommend getting a camber kit if you do lower your wagon so it can be aligned properly

  • I do have a general question: how does one adjust ride height as well as spring tension? I would need to drop the spring vertically to lower the car but if I want to stiffen it as well I need a second means of adjustment....do I add washers on top? How is this usually achieved.

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