My 90 wagon shuttle aka “Appa”

Hey everyone new to civicwagon and new proud owner of a 90 EE2 wagon FWD for now lol. I just recently bought this and got a pretty great deal off someone who was moving out of Colorado and no longer could keep this dream project of there going. Big thanks to Brent for hooking up a deal and making it a possibility for me to own this bad boy. Figured I’d post some first day photos of this shuttle and some of the first projects that I ended up doing. I really can’t wait to fully restore this gem back to its full glory and hopefully ever better then it was from the factory. I’ve dubbed this little shuttle “Appa”. Hope y’all enjoy this build and may it give you guys some new ideas and inspiration like everyone’s build has done for me.

day 1: journey to its new home

She a little rough around the edges but not the worse thing in the world. All the key parts are there full interior, full exterior, not too much if any rust (thankyou colorado climate). Needs a new trans was about the worse of it all due to a bad reverse gear syncro but who need to go backwards when you can go forward lol

I been tracking down and coming across random parts and ppl who are doing part out (luckily) so been buy a lot of stuff that I didn’t need but since it’s around and available I figured I minus we’ll start collecting. Be Got a new trans, new hood, jdm side markers, few new plastics for the interior that were just slightly better condition then mine, dc2 center console (future project retrofit hopefully🤞🏽) and a set of aftermarket ek fog lights.

First major project was to redo the front end. Gotta add the ek fog lights and I wanted to do all amber corners and bumper markers to match the jdm side markers. Started pulling all the light housing out to get buffed and painted and installed the foglights as I wait for paint to come in.

These ek fogs took a lot more effort then I originally thought it would take. They really do fit the placement and spot of the bumper super well damn near stock looking. I also feel they really flow and complement the bumper grill insanely well. Im going to make a write up on this whole process because I realized I’ve seen a bunch of ppl with the ek fog light mod but no write up on how they did it. I’ll definitely add the link to that when I finish that up but a brief summary of how I made this possible was using some of the original brackets that come with the aftermarket ek light kit and ended up remaking the top brackets an rivieting them all straight to the bumper. Warning you do have to cut away at the front fascia behind the bumper so if your not ok with that these are definitely not the mode for you but just two small 3x4 squares due to the aftermarket lights being to deep and hitting once the bumpers back on.

the bottom bracket rivets that you can see on the front bottom of the bumper(as seen in first photo) get hidden by the lip (as seen in second photo) and can be paint to match if you don’t have a lip and aren’t so noticeable. Since I’m still waiting on paint to finish all the other lights I ended up installing the side markers so I can run the wiring all at once for the markers and fogs.

Now the waiting game for parts and paint 🙃 till then thanks again for viewing and coming to my Ted tlk.


  • Welcome to the forum, nice looking wagon. That’s good to have extra parts/spares laying around when you need them. I did the Ek fog lights (I think it’s a must gives a better look) in my old wagon but not to this extent haha your setup came out way more solid than mine. I just cut the hole good and made sure they didn’t fall out but they were a little flimsy. I love the JDM side markers I have a pair waiting to go on my wagon. Can’t wait for more updates.

  • Little Update:

    Winter here in Colorado so little to no progress has been made due to cold shitty weather 😑 did finally get all the lights situated out and all painted up. Really do like the look of the all amber markers now. I gotta get some nice dusk shots of it all light up one day soon. (Yes the lip isn’t on all the ways and there a extra hood on the roof)

    Also gotta give a huge thanks and shout out to Jake Allen aka @thehondahoarder for always having such amazing Honda parts and random Honda things that I’m just a sucker like those jdm side makers. Also for things like this super rare original Honda service electrical troubleshooting manual for 88-89 civic wagons 🙌🏽🙏🏽💚 this really going to help me out when the time to rewiring the harness finally bites me.

    Hope y’all enjoy and hopefully I’ll have some better and bigger updates sooner then later for y’all. Thanks again for peeking!

  • TadasTadas Wagonist

    Man, I love seeing people work on these old beauties! The winter is gone and it is time to rock and roll!

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