Diesel Swap Civic

Hey all,

New to the forums and to civic wagons -- my only experience with civics at all is the 96 Del Sol I had for a first car. Beat the shit out of it and it died a year later (had like 240k when I bought it). Recently picked up an 87 RT4WD civic with two blown engines, and don't want to mess with that late model carbureted stuff, so.... I'm going to be sticking a 1.1L 3 cylinder kubota turbo diesel in it instead. Weight matches almost exactly to the original engine, its slightly smaller. With the turbo and some fuel adjustments I should be making a blazing 80-ish horsepower. Working on an adapter plate and oil pan modifications to fit around the civic transmission. Best guess is it should get somewhere in the range of 60-70 mpg, but that remains to be seen. Found a guy who did a 0.7L kubota swap in a geo metro and got 90+ mpg, and another who did a 2.2L kubota swap in a ford ranger and gets 40-45 mpg. Really doing this for the fuel economy and the weird factor rather than any sort of performance, because... it won't have any performance. Slow and steady. But diesel torque with that crawler gear should be unstoppable.

Project hit a slight hiccup when someone wandered by my shop and smashed three of the windows out of the car for the lulz. Having a hell of a time tracking down replacements. Any tips?



  • Welcome to the forum this will be interesting to see can’t wait for updates. For the person that broke those windows what an asshole I hate when people mess with someone else’s belongings. If you have Facebook check out the groups CivicWagon.com, Honda civic wagon world, Honda civic wagon world buy/sell/trade group

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