Help me get my baby running again! Possibly a fuel problem

Hi, I’ve had my 1988 Wagovan for 25 years and it’s been the most reliable thing in my life. I am moving states and decided to send my car to my granddaughter in Texas for her 17th birthday. BUT, I was dropping something off and left the engine running while I got out of the car- within seconds the engine turned itself off and now the car won’t start. It has a new battery, and the engine cranks, please don’t suggest it’s the battery. One other piece of information that might help you diagnose or make suggestions is that for well over 10 years, the check engine light has been coming on and off without any effect on the car’s running. I tried to get it diagnosed twice with mechanics who couldn’t figure out what was happening (they said if the car worked, it wasn’t worth my money to have them spend enough time to find the problem). I don’t want to prejudice any other answers, but I’m wondering if it’s the main fuel relay or another fuel-related component. Unfortunately I can’t find the relay. I have never been able to find a service manual. Can someone please provide photos of the location of the relay or pages from the service manual or SOME advice on how to figure out the problem?? I am NOT a mechanic. I am a woman who had two kids and no money and had to learn how to work on my car using books. Never had anyone to teach me this stuff. Thank you.


  • weird flex but ok. The main fuel relay is under the dash to the left of the steering wheel. If you pop the lower trim panels you can find it.

    bypass it. the yellow/black needs power but one of them is the power source too. if it still doesn't start its not the relay

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