Rain water leak onto front floor boards

Hey y'all,

It's been a bit since I've visited. New site looks wonderful and sleek.

My wagon question.... Has anyone had any issues with rainwater leaking into the front cabin onto the floor boards? Last week after some significant rain after a dry spell, I noticed my floor mat was wet. I thought it was from my shoes, but after another day or so of rain I found the entire drivers side floor board was saturated with water under the floor mat.

Could this be a windshield leak? It is the original glass.

Is it possible that water is coming in from the area under the wiper assembly vent cover?

I've done quite a bit to find the leak outside of just sitting in the car when it is pouring down rain.




  • SiWagonSiWagon Council Member

    This usually is a problem on the right side.Are u in USA?That's why on heavy rain days I DON"T park down hill bc it leans to the rite.

    Your probably right on the vent cover theory .On later year Tegs a cover was added under the outer vent cover to cover all or part of the air vent underneath .What happening it gets overflowed. I never had a chance to investigate this.

    Good luck.

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