My jdm ey4 civic pro and 55x ef2 shuttle from Ireland ??

Plans for the civic pro are k20 swap ef9 front bumper carbon fibre hood and some more nice parts thinking about keeping the ef2 original and use it as a daily driver someday


  • Dang how your exterior looks is exactly how I wish our current build looked.. with the exception of the height of course. We’re planning on a k build as well, good luck with project dude ?

  • very nice wagons, I like your plans k swap one and leave the other as is for a daily

  • very nice specimens indeed. they look to be mostly rust free. lucky you!

  • Thanks guys ! And yeah they are clean rust wise thankfully, I Got some parts for the civic pro enkei rs wheels gsr lancer recaros momo Benetton steering wheel with matching shift knob shuttle specific charge speed replica wing(did a quick test fit on the 55x) and oem honda window visors, just need to source some coilovers ef9 front bumper and carbon hood then I’ll be ready to get the white one prepped for the k swap ??

  • Thanks a lot man ! And yeah it needs to go lower badly haha and thanks dude the same to you good luck with the project??

  • those wheels look great, good choice

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