91ee2 DailyScrapper project

Hello everyone I’m new to wagons but not new to the Honda game. This will be my sons and I first official project together so if I don’t wreck it.. he’s going to be keeping it.

The project 91 auto with a overheating issue purchased for $300. Would have put up a better exterior pictures, but my boy too excited and forgot to take pictures.

As it sat for like 1hr

Then the tear down began..

Now ready for the machine shop


  • Some goodies I had tucked away

  • Welcome to the EE family, $300 what a deal what type of plans are you and your son thinking about?

  • Yea I talked them down from $600, even if it is a couple miles from 400k it was pretty much unaltered all this time.. Till now.

    Plans on the build for now is give it a proper stance and tighten up the suspension. In the power department were planning on a K series, but I have been waiting for a good deal on a z6 for a little vitara turbo build..

  • Finally picked the head up, I lagged it to pick it up.

    The work was decent for $30, can complain but won’t. While the head is off mostly taken apart took this as an opportunity to give a quick lesson in valve seat lapping.

    Not aiming for perfection on this one, it’s jus going to be a spare for when we blow something up. Doesn’t mean we can’t freshen up this 400k motor.

  • Got some things out of storage today from past projects

    I had ordered the nrg short race hub from jhpusa but they canceled the order due to lack of stock.. it seems that a lot of ppl went crazy with their stimies so my blox lca’s were cancelled as well..

  • definitely suspension work these wagons need it, A turbo D16z6 would be fun wouldn't really change much swap in/run on the other hand a K series would be great more power but needs a good amount to swap that in will cost more. I never once did valve seat lapping but thats a good idea to do so when you have the head out, always a good idea to have spare. that's a little bummer about the low inventor yeah you're right about that a lot of people were buying parts with that check haha

  • Yea getting those valves to sit properly made a world of a difference on my all motor set ups where 1hp counts lol.

    Got the valve seals installed and also change out the gaskets on the intake manifold just because they came with the kit.

    Ready for the rockers ?

  • block prepped

  • Slapped the head on and did a lil valve lash adjusting

    Looks like the dizzy gasket was never change in 400k rock solid

  • excellent progress, keep it up.

  • Alright so where were we.. So this happened

    And got a couple more things. Quick sneak peak

    Also have a lil auto manual action planned, but I’lol update with some pics soon

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