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this is my 03 forester xs with 287k miles. i got it with 233k. i got it after i started working at the subaru dealer near me. i had been thinking about it before i quit my shitty tire shop job to become a subaru tech. its the closest think i could think of that was as close as possible to the wagon but newer.

theres not much going on with her, head gaskets were puking when i got her. i got this one because there was almost no rust on her. especially for being in the rust belt. i got her to daily while the wagon sits in the carport behind it.

while my original plan was to just daily drive it, its never that simple. things break or wear out and then i upgrade if i can. did the headgaskets with arp studs. got nice tires, installed led headlights and tail/brake lights. upgraded the brakes because i tow with her. nothing special just xdrilled/slotted rotors. replaced them once already.

this is where stops being simple, i plan to h6 swap her, keeping the 5speed.

its at the machine shop now. rebuilding it crank bearings up.

the wiring is where it get very complicated. this is the harness for the ecm and the tcm. i need to merge them into the harness in the forester now.


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    this is my 1983 shadow 750(VT750c). this is my first bike and I've had a real love/hate relationship with her. I'm not the type to go buy a brand new vehicle. not even a motorcycle. I always buy something that needs work. I fix cars for a living so I figured let me try my hands on a bike. I've had her for almost 10 years. this is what she looks like now. she was a mess and not running-ish. I bought it from my cousin for 500 beans and he said it ran but needed a starter-clutch/magneto/flywheel. its all the same piece. he said that it also would stop running on him when it got warmed up and told me it was an oil problem because that's what he was told.

    so fast forward to me actually fixing all the things to get it running, it wasn't the oil or anything like that. it was the ignition coil pulse generator going open loop when hot on 1 cyl. that part isn't made new anymore. I had to buy a used one on eBay for 125 bucks. robbery I tell you.

    after all that I decided to turn her into a bobber when I say a place called moto chop shop do it to this bike for a customer. I got most of my inspiration from that bike. the tank is painted now to match the fenders and covers but I didn't get a pic because I'm still healing from my acl surgery and the bike isn't in an easy place to move on my own.

    I don't have the energy in me to list all the things I did right now but I will if you all want it. just not right now.

    this is what she looked like before the diet. and when she was "in town reliable"

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