Radiator Problems

Has anyone had this problem?

I have a 1991 5 speed manual transmission wagon that I need to replace the radiator. I ordered one from RockAuto only to have one for a Mazda sent to me. Round 2: I ordered one from Amazon they guaranteed would fit my car. Today while trying to install, it fit the mountings on the top and bottom, but when I tried to install the fan, the bottom mounts on the new radiator, (187mm) were about 1/2" narrower than my actual fan mounts, (200mm). Did not get far enough to check the upper fan mounts. Seller also advertised as Klimoto, but sent a Reach brand radiator. I will be returning. This radiator had the fitment for the automatic transmission cooler, my research revealed that I can use, but would not hook up. My question is: Can anyone tell me exactly which radiator, (without going high end), will fit my situation?


  • OMG what an ordeal!

    This all began because we needed to change out the ECTS (electronic coolant temperature sensor) to stop the car from

    stalling and happened to notice that the radiator was in really bad shape.

    After receiving 2 radiators that didn't fit, I called our local Honda dealer and got the OEM # for our radiator by giving the parts manager my VIN #.

    Radiator OEM # 19010PM4004 (a # now etched in my brain) not 4003, not 886. Only that exact #.

    After searching high and low, we found only 1 radiator that looked like it would fit my 1.5 L , 5 speed manual, no AC, born in Japan with an

    original Toyo radiator (that lasted 30 years!): a Nissens 62256

    I believe we found the only radiator in North America where everything lined up.

    Even then, we had to saw off an ancillary mount from the bottom and remove the fan mount rubber insulators.

    To keep the fan from rattling, we fashioned new insulators out of an old tire tube.

    Crazy experience just changing out a radiator. A lesson to not believe that just because the seller says it will fit...

    A simple project took weeks!

    But the car runs great now ?

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