I’m back... I never left... 1991 Civic Shuttle RTi

Many of you already know, I sold the red wagon.

To make room for a 1991 Civic Shuttle RTi Intrac.

She needs a bit of love to get her up to the same quality the Red wagon is at.

I will document her progress here as well as Instagram.

The day she arrived at my house.


  • BillBoardBillBoard council member

    First things first clean up.

    I called Luis Pin to go shopping through his hoard. He had RT caps. Oem radio & equalizer. Rubber gasket for trunk key hole. And oem sunroof visor.

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member

    I also adjusted the suspension as it was riding a little mopar-esk? Slammed in the rear. Riding high up front? I leveled it out-ish for now.

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member

    She passed inspection & emissions. So she’s a real car now.

    However, I lost a visor on the freeway. Total bummer.

    Really just getting into some maintenance now.

    on the list:

    • Gas gauge doesn’t work
    • heater does not blow hot
    • returning oem head to engine block. It’s currently got a Vtec head on it.
    • paint hood/fender.
    • fix rear seat. one side will not open.
    • Windshield squirters are meh

    This maintenance will take me a good long while, but up first is gas gauge & heater woes.

  • Very nice it looks amazing specially with the fresh painted RT wheels/caps. I need to do that to my Wheels I also hit up Luis for center caps too haha. You don’t want Vtec in your Life ? It’s sitting good now after you adjusted the suspension

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member

    Thanks yeah the wheels needed a boost. And I really like OEM Rt Wheels.

    As for Vtec, to make it work correctly would require a lot of money, like manual swap? engine harness? ECU? Some other stuff, like drilling into the block I think? Anyways, I have no desire to do any of that.

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member
    edited February 2021

    Got a new/used Fuel sending unit thanks to Tim, the guy who purchased my red wagon. Super cool of him. Back in business.

    and a replacement visor arrived since half of the other one flew off on the freeway.

  • wow it didn’t take long for you to get a floater. fast shipping too nice, also to get a visor that quick too damn it’s like nothing happened haha

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member

    Surprisingly it didn't take long at all. Tim has a parts wagon in his backyard so that was super convenient. Especially since he just called me and was where is it? And then he had it out in just a few minutes.

    The visor was just luck. Posted on Instagram and some one happened to have one. It will be a while before I re-install, since its like 2 degrees here. I may redo all the visors, which will take some time to remove. Then remove the sticky stuff. Especially removing it from the car trim. But eventually I'll get it done.

  • I think I seen a photo of his side yard or backyard full of wagons hahah. That’s good he did it that Quick and fixed the issue, yeah I recommend redoing all the visors just of peace of mind knowing there’s new 3m tape holding them on, I lost all my visors on my 9th Gen on the highway myself lol 2 in one day and the third one a day later, I just ripped the 4th off but yet to get the tape off haha

  • mr_sp33mr_sp33 Wagonist

    Love following this on insta! Looks great.

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member
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    Update. No real update.

    Took wagon into mechanic. Working on heating issue and Head swap. Back to oem head.

    Collecting parts. Found a driverside vent. Still need passenger side.

    Found an arm rest, I feel like this will help with the awkwardness of driving on the right side of the car.

    Here is the ACty, still unregistered. But now with center caps and clear bumper lights.

  • Dang bill. Its been a long journey of wagons for you!!! how long will you keep this rad machine ;)

    Absolutely in love with the black!!!

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member
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    Lol a long journey indeed. I dunno how long I will keep this one. Its still in the shop right now lol. I haven't really had much time to enjoy it. Our relationship is off to a rocky start.

  • BillBoardBillBoard council member

    Update. I sold wagon. I am wagon-less.

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