RT4WD tire and wheel fitment

I just picked up a '91 RT4WD, check my post in new user intros for more info.

I would like to get some 15x6 or 15x7 wheels and taller/wider tires. Not going super swamper, not wanting to lift the suspension, just maybe a 195/65 tire that's preferably 3PMSF.

I like basket weaves, and TIre Rack indicated the Enkei 92 in 15x7 with +38mm offset will fit. Just wondering about that tire size on a wheel like that. Thanks!


  • Well I have the opportunity to pick these up from a friend in trade for some work. Not sure of the offset (they were on a CRX) but they are 16x7.5. I’d like to put like a 205/55 tire on them, something that’s a competent all season. Getting them soon for test fitting, anyone’s thoughts on clearances? I’ve attached some specs for a 205/55R16.

  • It might work if you stay stock height on the other hand I think 55 might be a little to big rubbing might occur if you lower ride height

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    Thanks for your input. Definitely not wanting to lower the car. Actually looking forward to a little more ground clearance from the increased tire diameter.

  • Got the old Könïg Tünërs installed. The crusty old BFG Euro T/A tires are 205/40R16. I think by the clearances I’d be fine going up to a 205/55. The diameter increase would be about 2.4”, so 1.2” taller all the way around, and the tread is 1.5” narrower.

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    Just curious if anyone has run the 27x8.5r14 AT tires on our stock wheels, and if it could be done without a lift. I searched the forum and seems like people have talked about it but ended up going with larger wheels and/or lifts. I assume it’s not possible (being 4” bigger in diameter) but I think the tires would be fine on our wheels, assuming they are 5.5” width. I read on a VW forum how bus owners run them on the same size wheels with no issues. As always, if the answer lie here and I passed over it, just lemme know. Thanks.

  • I don't think I've seen anyone run those tires on stock wheels. I'll keep an eye out for you

  • In my digging I found that BFG used to make their AT tires in 195/75r14…saw them still listed on some websites with zero in stock. That would probably work fine with stock wheels and no lift. Just not many small sizes of AT tires left in production, especially in 14”.

    If I was going to use those 16” Konigs I have, Yokohama makes their Geolandar in 215/60r16, but I think they might rub on account of how wide they are.

  • After way too much overanalyzing and research, I ended up running down my 14" tires to the belts and just going with 205/50r16 Toyo Proxes Sport on the old Konigs. They're high performance all-seasons, and have been great so far. Was going down the rabbit hole of trying to find AT tires that would fit but practically these are good for 99% of what I drive. I love how they look on the car too.

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