My Red Gem RT

Here’s my other wagon ALL FACTORY a little high mileage 1989 RT4WD Manual transmission this will be a little project from complete engine maintenance from gaskets, hoses to belts it definitely needs it SOON and hopefully in the future body work and fresh paint keeping this all Stock except for suspension the wheel gap is to much for me we’ll see what happens but for now it sits as is


  • This looks like a great project. Just a little TLC and it will shine!

    Whats the white thing on the drivers door?

  • @superhatch Yeah just a little TLC it’ll come out great but I won’t touch anything just yet, it’s going to take sometime. those are cup holders on the driver/passenger doors they came with the car when I bought it. Did a little research and they’re universal cup holders for boats they sell them on eBay I’ll get a better picture for you folded out

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