New 88 RT AWD Wagon

Just picked this up 2 weeks ago and I love it. It was family owned, kept in a garage, clean title, low mileage for the age.

Drives well and plan on keeping it all stock.

Looking for the following, if anyone has there parts:


USDM Center Console

Rear Speaker pods with mounting hardware


  • That thing looks mint!

    Is that a base tube or yoga mat in back? :P

    Our parts area is a little sparse, I think most people use FB marketplace or IG now.

  • @cjwang2 mint I just seen this on your facebook post haha the wagon is looking great I'm with your idea to keep all stock thats what I want to do with my Red RT have a lot of factory rare goodies on it, my brown wagon has the exact mini sub in the back Too i thought I wouldn't see anyone else with it i love it gives it a little BASS haha. @superhatch its called a Bazooka tube i have one in my brown wagon its decent nothing crazy but it gives a good kick. i was into subwoofers i had 4 12" kickers in the trunk of my 97 civic coupe haha but that was a long time ago, this little Bazooka tube does what i need it to do.

  • Thank you for your comments! Yes, Vtec_Shuttle is correct, it is a Bazooka Bass powered bass tube. It sure has a lot of power for it's small size. My plans are to keep it stock, maybe even keeping the same wheels. The only items that will be added will be OEM accessories, if I can find them.

  • @cjwang2 Yeah I was surprised how much that little bazooka can do haha, best bet to find OEM accessories will be FaceBook EBay Maybe local in your area if that’s possible

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