Tilde's 89 Wago

I hope to get more pics and do more interesting things in the future but I'll start with some very newb and basic questions for now. she-ra's got some cut coils on her and drags her ass everywhere when I'm on deliveries in the mountains out here, and I want enough clearance to get some chains on for the really hairy conditions before it's too late. so I'm meeting up with a friend tomorrow to put stock coils back on for now until I get around to a lift.

I thought finding a 4th gen civic in a scrap yard would be easy but nobody out here has one. one yard has a 86 crx and a couple 95 civics and I'm wondering if I can scrap the coils off of those.

I'm scrolling through this thread https://www.civicwagon.com/showthread.php?3002-EE-EF-DA-Interchangable-parts-(Please-Add) and I don't know what I'm looking at, honestly, and need to go to work. when I'm off tonight I'll look up what these terms mean but for now I'm in over my head and short on time.

any help would be much appreciated and rewarded with pics as I get going on the build, but that'll happen anyway ;)


  • ebay has some stock coils for sale from time to time. That is what I would go with. Be careful with a lift. Too much and you will be replacing CV joints often. The stock 'lift' gets you to a lot of places.
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    thanks! ya, I was thinking of just going back to stock, but it looks like adjustable coils are about the same price from what I can tell. might get a set of those and if I want to go up from there later I can throw some spacers on and dial it in. I don't know. it seems like kind of a dumb plan but I think it'll be the easiest and least stress and give me the most options.
  • Keep in mind that adjustable coils will likely be designed for an EF wagon/hatch and our rear end geometry is much different. For example the Skunk 2 coils that I have on are basically maxed out in height in the rear just to get me a lowered but not slammed look. You'll have do do some research before you just buy an ebay coil set.

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    oof! that's some good info to have! it looks like I can get adjustable springs that will go onto my stock struts and that would eliminate any geometry problems, I think, and be a cheaper option.
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    finally an update on the fwd wago: after picking up some ebay lowering coils, the front left was drooping severely. it looks like the coil on that corner is bad (the coils are touching). hopefully i can still get a refund even though i bought them months ago :'( i drove to the city a couple days ago to pick up a full set of oe suspension for $40. worth the drive. did you really do anything if you didnt do it twice?

    i'm also going to use this thread for the rt i bought this month (or should i make another thread?). it's not in great shape but not too bad either. just needs love :) grabbed what the guy said were integra rears while i was in the city, but they look exactly the same as the wagon rears. so idk if i'm going to do the accord/integra lift on it because finding integras seems to be more challenging than i thought it would. i was looking at hrg's strut spacers but im super strapped for cash right now. is there a compelling reason i shouldn't just cut some out of hdpe?

    i'll try and get some pics of both wagons up soon. i lifted the fwd wagon a little but i have pictures from when it was slammed. i hate to lift it because it looked so good, but the country roads out here kept ripping the muffler off and scraping everything up. so the fwd is going back to stock and i think my gf is going to drive that until we fix the volvo (which i'll have to get pics of just for fun), or indefinitely who knows. but the rt is going up hopefully just 2" we'll have to see how i feel.

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    okay! found a couple pics on my phone.

    here's the '89 fwd before the lift. it looks brown but i'm told by literally everyone else it's grey.

    and here's the '91 rt in back (brown) and the '89 fwd (grey) in front (after a minor lift gone wrong and with the stock steelies back on)

    i'll get more pics up of each and their condition and progress soon.

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    lmao the windows are tinted so dark you cant even tell that my gf and dogs are in the car in the first pic.

  • the wagons look great, i think make a different thread one for each wagon

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    no progress on either of the wagons but just wanted to say I parked the rt downtown and didn't make it 20ft before an older guy stopped and asked me if it was a 91. I said yes and he proceed to explain how he had the exact same car until it was stolen. he recovered it but it was totally trashed. he looked like he was going to cry. wagons are a special thing.

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    well... i blew the head gasket on the rt after a trip to minnesota to pick up a pupper. no regrets tho tthe pupper was worth it. but also I think the timing belt slipped on the fwd and im nervous that it's bad. sooooo... neither wagon is running currently. gonna quit my pizza delivery job and give them a little break. I may not ever subject them to such cruelty again.

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    also, update on the suspension: went back to stock suspension amd put the stock steelies back on. scored all 4 struts for $40. the front end is nosedived abit. but i guess that's what happens when my dumbass does a suspension job. was hoping the alignment shop could help me with that but without the car running and my finances being what they are I might have to cancel my appointment with them.

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    also I had the thought the other day: how absolutely batshit would it be to swap in a tdi from a jetta or golf? and would it even be possible to keep the 4wd? my dream car is a 4wd 5 or 6 spd diesel wagon and those seem pretty impossible to find so I might just piece it together myself if I can.

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