DA2EE seat swap...who knew it was so easy?


I decided to try and put some Integra seats in the wagon today :D Surprisingly, it's fairly easily done.

Use the teg inner rail, and the wagon outer. The only mod to the teg inner rail is elongating the mounting holes toward the center:


SAFETY edit: Because the seat mounting holes were enlarged I added some heavy fender washers on the retainer bolts. This one in particular, as it's the seatbelt anchor as well:


the outer (wagon) rail just requires a few simple tweaks. This dimple has to be shaved off:


and this hole doesn't line up. I just drilled a hole and installed a bolt/nut...easy


shaved the wagon plastic trim a bit to fit up:



that's about all, except I used a 1.25" spacer at the front of the inboard/teg rails, between the mount and the floor...



The auto belts are plug-n-play, everything works! The driver's seat even has adjustable lumbar support :D




  • Very nice, thanks for the write up!!! Now i just need to find some of those seats :D
  • Nice! And how much more comfy are they to the stock seats? Hmmm, I think a trip to Harry's U Pull It is in order!
  • eff you cause your seats went in easy and looked good.
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    I feel unaccomplished.....LOL

    I'm off tomorrow, but I LITERALLY just got off work not even an hour ago. We were prepping for inventory at 7:00am this morning. But yea, we were there a little later then I planned. But if I get enough sleep and such I'll see what's going on and possibly call you.
  • nice!! :D i like it! wish crx seats came with lumbar adjust! like the plug and play seat belts too. :D
  • Great write up. Do the teg seats have you sitting high(tall) compared to oem?
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    FSC4wd wrote:
    Great write up. Do the teg seats have you sitting high(tall) compared to oem?
    no, not that I've noticed. Maybe a little lower, if anything. I'll compare it to the stock wagon and see...

    edit: looks exactly the same. It's a hard spot to measure, but since the outer wagon rail is identical I just compared seatcushion height relative to that.
  • stephenstephen Senior Wagonist
    looks good. gives me more options for my seating.....
    Great job Trev. Looks good. Nice write up.
  • Would the other rail be easy to change to a wagon? I have an 88, need the buckle part or can you just remove the auto seatbelt function part?. Also, is there a dif between 4wd and 2wd? Was this write up done on a 2wd?
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    It turns out the 88-89 wagons rails are different than the 90-91. My rails (88) are different than his, and I believe his is a 91.
  • StockStock Wagonist
    Seats look great. Without going OT (hopefully), does anyone know how similar 90-91 hatch rails are to any year wagon rails?
  • Looking at some DA seats today, need to know how similar the rt 88 rails are to the ones in the write up. Thanks
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    we'll do rev's DA seats in his '88 soon, will post results (idk yet...)
  • stephenstephen Senior Wagonist
    i have lined up some DC integra sedan seats for my '89. i will try to get good pics and post up info too......
  • Can't wait to see those pics :D :D
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    Would the other rail be easy to change to a wagon? I have an 88, need the buckle part or can you just remove the auto seatbelt function part?. Also, is there a dif between 4wd and 2wd? Was this write up done on a 2wd?

    To clarify a bit: It seems to me that it would be easy to swap both rails on your '88 because(i THINK) the rails both bolt to the bottom of the pan, as opposed to the sides. My search for seats was complicated by the auto-belts. You could just leave the inertia reel off of an a-b seat, and IIRC the '88 seatbelt buckle is bolted to the 'hump'
    Yes, mine's a '90 2wd, and no, I don't believe there's a difference from 4wd.
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    Yeah, it's on the hump, next to the parking brake.
  • Nice :D Guess it's time to look into some seats!!!
  • RevmaynardRevmaynard Council Member
    I threw that LS seat back together tonight. Do you think the covers on them are machine washable? Mine have that plasticy-vinyl material on the back and I don't want to over stretch them.
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    machine wash should be ok, use warm water so the vinyl won't be so brittle.
    me, I would hand wash them to be safe...never know if the machine's agitator will snag something.
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    edited original post for detail
  • shenrieshenrie Council Member
    Nice writeup!
    Nice :D Guess it's time to look into some seats!!!

    I got a full set of DA SE seats if your interested. Fronts, rears and matching door inserts.
    Stock wrote:
    Seats look great. Without going OT (hopefully), does anyone know how similar 90-91 hatch rails are to any year wagon rails?

    I have Si hatch seats in both my wagons. You can mix and match parts from both seats and make them work. Pretty sure the only fabwork was drilling one hole per seatrail.
  • StockStock Wagonist
    I ask because I have a Wedge Engineering seat bracket in my hatch for my Recaro and I'd like to carry it over to my wagon. :D
  • Would love the seats, but i'm all the way over in Oregon :(
  • Just thought I would update this thread here.

    I have a set of 91' Wago seats in grey that are nice, a set of 92' DA2 (I love how you guys leave out the number denoting the genereation; DA1 is G1, DA2 is G2) seats and of course my 88' RT4WD.

    I decided to install the teg' seats in my car instead of the wagon seats. The 88 (likely 89' too) are very much different than the 90+; though the install will likely be just a tag bit more difficult. The 2 main issues are:

    1) the inner rails are ~13" from hole to hole where as the 90+ are almost 15". What this means is more inner rail modification for use of the teg rail. Either a 3" spacer (I will likely use a floor mounted support in the middle as well) and/or a shortening of the rail/swap of the rail. I am going to use the first method

    2) the outer rails bolt to the bottom of the pan, not the side like the teg' and 90+ civic rails. The teg pans do NOT have threaded holes to mount the bottom mount bracket of the 88-89 civic rails. This will require minor disassembly in order to properly mount it utilizing a bolt/nut. I'm not sure yet what I am going to do here. I already have one side mounted up in the car just for reference. I am not sure how "strong" the pan is on the bottom as although its braced well and the earlier models were bottom mount I think I may end up running a bead along the edge just to be safe. This is not required for the install (for those of you w/out welders) however I may implore this as well.

    Anyone want pics? I've got the work on one side done, I can take pics of things anyone may be interested. Bam Bam, thanks for starting this thread, I wasn't sure what type of seat I wanted and when I came across this DA2 in the yard the other day I thought of this and yanked em'.
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    actually I THINK my seats came from a DB2. I bought them from a guy's basement, didn't see the donor car, but I did see a car in the junkyard with identical interior.

    Check Revmaynard's seat install, look at the inner rail adapters I made. It worked out pretty well since I bridged both original mounts and cantilevered the extra 3" off the back.
    On the outers I just welded tabs to the integra seat frame to cover about a 2" width difference, then bolted those to the wagon adjuster rail.
    (I believe his seats were from a DC/later model teg- no auto belt.)

    edit: as a bonus on Rev's seats, the teg trim stacked right over the wagon trim on the outer side with no cutting-looked good.
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member

    the pics blow, but check like 13-15 from the top and the very last one.
  • I would love to see your pics of the swap for the 88. Thanks
  • Those inner rails do look really good, that is definitely something that may put my project off now that I see how simple that is. The only thing I would do different is I would cantilever off the front because 1) the rear seat area I would like to have as much room and "cleanliness" as possible and 2) by giving that extra couple inches in front it positions the seat adjustment lever that much closer and easier to grab and operate.

    It looks like you only came off that 1.5" or so, is that correct? Do you notice a slight lean at all to the side with the extra (1/8" angle I am guessing). Also, I have my bottom sitting in the car right now and using the teg inner and wagon outer I feel like the seat is tilting backwards just a tiny bit, perhaps thats just cause the seat back is off. Did you notice and backwards angle? I suppose a couple of shims would easily take care of that though.

    Thanks for the pics, your setup looks great. I guess I won't need to really add anything as I didn't see that other thread that you made (or rev did).
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