Where to Get WAGON Specific Hatch/Tailgate Shocks/Struts?

I have now ordered THREE different sets of "wagon" hatch shocks and have all been too long. Each time I ordered I specified WAGON or "5 door hatchback" and every time I've gotten the same, too long shocks.

My current wagon has some nice aftermarket ones on it that have part numbers "4909 1109" on them, but the actual part numbers on the bags for the shocks are compltely different.

I'm looking to spend no more than $26-$30.00 per shock since i know the ones I've been getting cost that much, but don't fit.

I'm looking for someone with first-hand experience with this, since obviously i can do my own online search and order "wagon" shocks once again only to be screwed for a fourth time.


Thanks in advance!!!


  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    where have you been purchasing these from?

    at Advance Auto parts i found these:

    http://www.partsamerica.com/productdeta ... 65&PTSet=A

    says its for a station wagon/wagovan
  • B18C5-EH2B18C5-EH2 Moderator
    Two sets came from World Pac, an excellent source for my shop to purchase OE and OE/aftermarket parts, and one set from the local O'Reiley's. Both places were stumped as to why they didn't fit.

    All three sets were identical in length, which was too long.

    I personally looked up the wagon myself on the World Pac parts catalog, and I tried 1990 and 1991 just to see if it'd be different and both times same too-long parts came.

    I'm looking for 1990 wagon DX rear hatch struts for my mom's Wagon. I'm definately not trying to order yet another set online only to have them come in too long. So far I haven't paid any shipping since both companies deliver to my shop, so it's not as big of a PITA as it could have been had I ordered online and paid shipping.

    If I find these on my own through trial and error I'll be sure to post exact part numbers and where to get them, unless somsone already has that info for me.

  • B18C5-EH2B18C5-EH2 Moderator
    wagodizzle wrote:
    where have you been purchasing these from?

    at Advance Auto parts i found these:

    http://www.partsamerica.com/productdeta ... 65&PTSet=A

    says its for a station wagon/wagovan

    BTW the pic looks like what I need - can you get me a part number? Did you see one? I'd like to buy these locally, and there's an advance auto parts down the street from here. Again i'd hate to ship and still get wrong ones again.

    Those definately look better already, because they have the mount on the end instead of a pivot for a ball like the first three sets I've gotten. I think I kept getting 3 door hatch EF ones, not wagon ones.
  • B18C5-EH2B18C5-EH2 Moderator
    Nevermind I'm stupid.

    Part number is "4909" and I just order two from my local Advance down the street. I'll get them at 2:30 today, and i'll post my findings.

    I think these will be the ringer!


    Thanks for the help man.
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    well thats good then =) let is know what you get.

    fwiw the 3D hatch has much shorter shocks then the wagon, so who knows what you were getting it for... maybe the Odyssey? lolz
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    B18C5-EH2 wrote:
    Nevermind I'm stupid.

    Part number is "4909" and I just order two from my local Advance down the street. I'll get them at 2:30 today, and i'll post my findings.

    I think these will be the ringer!


    Thanks for the help man.

    Bit of an ID 10 T moment? :lol:
  • KahunaKahuna familEE
    Are you mounting them into the right holes on the hatch?

    They need to be bolted into the upper holes when the hatch is shut, so the lower holes when it is open..

    Just a thought, I've done that before..
  • WagonWhirledWagonWhirled New Wagonist
    after a wrong size set from ebay myself I went with majestic honda, perfect fit quality parts I know will last. I've purchased inexpensive hatch struts before for my previous car and it only lasted less than 2 years. here's a tip I found useful to get the old ones out from the bottom end, just carefully saw it off on the neck of the pivot ball and the use a socket to take the remaining pivot body off. hope you can see what I'm trying to describe. good luck.
  • doitdubdoitdub familEE
    When I had my wagon I got some off eBay. Maybe I got lucky, but they were perfect...I was very impressed. Pull the hatch release and up it would go on it's own. :)

    EDIT: Here's my review I posted a while back...
  • shenrieshenrie Council Member
    Ive ordered 2 sets from Carquest. Both fit first try.
  • White&NerdyWhite&Nerdy Senior Wagonist
    Just got mine from Parts America. They're in, and they work great. One was actually enough hold it up - the original struts still had a little life, just not enough to do their job. This is my second Civic wagon, and this is the first time I've ever had the hatch stay up all by itself. :lol:
  • ABBEY1227ABBEY1227 Wagonist
    I should've taken a picture of the Block O'Wood i used to use to keep my hatch up on my rusty 88 AWD. I even drew a picture of a "Bonked Head" on it to remind me to use it! ;)
  • White&NerdyWhite&Nerdy Senior Wagonist
    LOL!!! That's great!

    The problem with my chunk of wood was that a strong wind would sometimes blow it away, resulting in head bonkage. Just ask my roommate who borrowed my car to go grocery shopping one night... :lol:
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    I just used to hold the door up with my head while i was doing whatever. :lol:

    Random fact: One time i was in the back goin at it with the nights prospect and the seat flipped forwards throwing us both on the floor of the Shuttle.
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    you and your Shuttle had lots of "going at it" stories, Haydz :P haha baller :lol:
  • Although I work for Honda and our employee discount is great, I ordered the rear hatch shocks for around $35 a piece (ouch) I would say stay OEM and make a run to your local Honda dealership and order a set because they are still available, aftermarket have always seemed to fail me in the long run. The oem ones will even come with the new 12mm screw with the ball on the end of it for the bottom of the shock to snap onto. Good luck! :lol:
  • A quick fix for bad hatch struts is just to lean on one a bit and bend it. It'll be a little harder to open, but will stay up. I did this in a store parking lot when I got tired of getting hit in the head.
  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    ^^thats what i did on my hatchback and Integra. too lazy to spend $20 :P
  • EDwEFprtsEDwEFprts Senior Wagonist
    a friend of mine bought some at a local autozone. they had mounts/ends like the struts on the hatches, etc.; but they came with an adapter peice for the top mount (for the 2 holes). with that adapter he could buy "regular" struts later if he needed to, not wagon specific. they cost him $50.
  • I'm a fan of Rockauto.com. Always a nice selection with details:

    1991 HONDA CIVIC 4WD 1.6L 1590cc L4 FI [D16A6]
    Body-Exterior : Lift Support

    SACHS Part # SG226003
    {Ball Socket End Fittings: 25" Ext. 16" Compr. Length}
    Trunk Lid Support; 3 door
    $12.85 $0.00 $12.85

    MONROE Part # 901129
    HATCH; 3 Door; Exc.CRX Part Image
    $14.22 $0.00 $14.22

    ACDELCO Part # 510567
    $22.79 $0.00 $22.79

    MONROE Part # 901136
    TAILGATE; Station Wagon Part Image
    $24.79 $0.00 $24.79

    SACHS Part # SG126006
    {Ball Socket End Fittings: Extended Length; 27.64",}
    Trunk Lid Support; Wagon
    $27.79 $0.00 $27.79

    ACDELCO Part # 510597
    * Non-stock item--shipping delayed up to 12 business days
    $22.79 $0.00 $22.79
  • A quick fix ... when I got tired of getting hit in the head.

    great stuff : ) hilarious

    oh btw ... it just happened that one took a diametre-alike strut, cut-weld-done ...

    easier said that done i suppose..
  • sigh...advance auto...got the strong arm ones...all excited to not have to prop up my friggin hatch anymore...

    they have the ball socket on both ends...which BTW looks just like the strong arm ones listed on the Rock Auto page above...

    dunno what i'm going to do...Odd because if you look at some of the other pictures there, they show the struts w/ the mounting brackets...How the heck can you call one strut being compatible if it doesn't have the correct upper bracket?
  • HaydzHaydz Moderator
    Oh wow... :oops:

    I remember that sore knee.
  • SukebeSukebe Band Wagon
    I own a 350Z and hatch struts are ridiculously expensive. The solution for me and a friend with a carbon fiber hatch (who needed slightly weaker struts) was McMaster-Carr.

    Just measure your stock struts and then find the ones you need here.
  • I recently got some off of rockautoparts. Fit fine, no more vice grip on the old tired ones.
  • EDwEFprtsEDwEFprts Senior Wagonist
    i have new ones from NAPA (that curt got for me).
    they fit/work great.

    (pepboys does not have them, even if they say they do)
  • FakeJDMEF8FakeJDMEF8 Senior Wagonist
    i got mine from here.

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... 721wt_1167

    excat same as the OEM ones....
  • yeah i am starting to hate owning the wagon just because of ordering things that "fit" and then turn out they don't. i just use a .99 set of vice grips from walmart to hold my hatch open. they stay back there and just get used to keep the hatch up...my friend did that with his old cherokee and it works great. just gotta make sure it's not loose since they'll jiggle themselves loose every now and again
  • ordering things that "fit" and then turn out they don't
    This happens kinda all over the world...

    have a smile...

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