Benjis 91 fwd wagon

Hi guys, starting a build thread here and hoping to keep it updated as I continue to improve my wagon :)
Here's the day I picked it up, drove almost 2 hours back and it made it back without any issues

a month later the timing belt go so it was time to say goodbye to the d15

Swapped in a b20 I got off my brother, some of the dpfi to mpfi wiring :p


putting the motor in, the plm tri-y header looks so good

motor in

everything in and hooked up, started up right away with no issues!

said goodbye to the ebay coilovers for koni yellows with ground control springs

also got hardrace camber kits for the front and rear and replaced all the bushings that I could

new brakes too

pressing in new rear trailing arm bushings lol

After the first drive around the block, also picked up some kosei k1's wrapped with falken azenis


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    Enjoyed the car how it was NA and then decided to turbo it over the winter (2017-2018)
    Welded up the turbo manifold myself using a kit from treadstone performance, the collector is a stainless cast peace with the wastegate flange on the side
    eBay 50 trim turbo, tial 38mm wastegate I got off a friend, no clue if it's real or not lol, turbonetics raptor bov

    tucked the intercooler behind the front bumper as much as I could, didn't have to trim much and I kept the full bumper support

    The wagon made 230hp/215tq on a mustang dyno, unfortunately I don't have any good vids :/ For my first turbo car ever I had loads of fun with it
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    Wanted to make more power so I picked up an b16 head and got to work, ended up finding one with a blox manifold and a skunk2 70mm throttle body for $400

    got the head on, used a cometic head gasket, the head came with a line for vtec for the sandwich plate.
    also installed a fuel lab fpr and switched out the 255 pump I had in the tank for a walbro 450 pump, forgot to say on my last update the car is using 1000cc injectors

    You can see here the wires going to the battery behind the bumper, I ended up putting the battery in the trunk but don't have any good pics of that :/ Also welded bungs on the valve cover for a catch can

    The wagon was tuned before on ectune which worked fine, but I had some issues trying to get a chip for it and decided it'd be a good idea to go ahead and purchase hondata.
    Got the ecu with hondata already installed with boostbygear components for $575 from Tri-state motorsports during a sale

    Got a basemap from my tuner but my car wasn't very happy with it, I ended up messing with the tune to get it running and driving good and learned a lot in the process, but not without running into my own fair share of issues. The timing belt ended up skipping a tooth because I was missing one of the washers inbetween the timing belt and the crank pulley. I also had to pull the head off once because I accidentally dropped a part of my valve cover hardware into one of the cylinders.

    Also ended up switching out the b16 cams for gsr cams during this
    The wagon was just open dump before, this time I welded up a full 3 inch exhast for it, I used a dummy cat, with a vibrant 12" super quiet resonator and a vibrant streetpower muffler
    actually still need to fix this because my exhaust is a little crooked
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    Next up was the horrid driver seat, replaced it with a corbeau seat that feels great. Also put in a ktuned shifter.



    I used some universal brackets I had to modify, still kept the stock seatbelts :smug:
    Time for a tune! The wagon made 315hp at 13.5lbs

    Car has been feeling great! The only problem i've had is trying to keep the coolant temps down, I found a couple leaks and then changed out the fan for a spal fan I have wired to be on all the time now but it still gets very hot when cruising down the highway. Watching the coolant temps on the hondata app it will creep up to 205 and by then I usually put the heat on full blast so that it doesn't get any worse. Other than that she's been running pretty good. Here's some pics I've got of the car recently

    First meet I went to with the wagon and there was another wagon! Had a built single cam, not sure how much power it made

    Took the car to a cool street in my city

    drove there with my buddy and his speed3

    Stock wagon that was a small local meet at an old toys r us
  • Good work man! Sounds like you need to upgrade the radiator to handle all the heat?
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    Good work man! Sounds like you need to upgrade the radiator to handle all the heat?

    Thanks! :D Yea I need to figure out something soon, driving around with the heat blasting is no fun when it's already 80 degrees outside. I've seen suggestions to try driving around with the front bumper off, and if the coolant temps are staying down that it's an airflow issue then. Might give that a shot
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    Nice build. What temp thermostat are you running? I would run at least a 190 thermostat to allow the radiator to work at cooling.
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    arries289 wrote: »
    Nice build. What temp thermostat are you running? I would run at least a 190 thermostat to allow the radiator to work at cooling.
    Thanks! I switched out the oem thermostat for a gates 170 thermostat but unfortunately it didn't fix my problem. I was able to get a fan shroud on it yesterday, but when I'm cruising down the highway she still gets hot. Cruising around town and idling in traffic is a lot better with the shroud tho :smug:
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    Great build! Are you using the most recent Hasport mounts? Was it enough to add the hood spacers or did you also trim the webbing to clear the B20 swap?
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    andreas542 wrote: »
    Great build! Are you using the most recent Hasport mounts? Was it enough to add the hood spacers or did you also trim the webbing to clear the B20 swap?
    Thanks! I got the hasport mounts used so I'm not sure if they're the most recent ones available, the hood spacers actually weren't enough and my hood rubbed off some paint on the valve cover :(
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    Here's some parts for my next setup that will be going in probably during the winter, hoping the b20 holds together for the summer lol.
    Had this b18 block just sitting in my garage for at least a year now, decided to tear it down and see how it looks
    After a little bit of pb blaster the pistons came out surprisingly easy, and all of the rod bearings and main bearings looked good no major problems
    Ran a ball hone done each cylinder quickly to clean off some of the rust and it turned out pretty decent. After seeing the good condition of the block and crank I decided to send the block out to CSS. I found a used set of 81.5mm CP pistons on facebook and sent them with the block at the same time.ZkAyzH6l.jpg
    Not sure what was up with the weird markings that's just how they came. I was told the block they were in spun a rod bearing.
    After a month wait I got my block back! I had them bore the block for the new pistons and also have it honed, plus decked and jetwashed.
    Since my current trans is pretty messed up I was on the lookout for a decent hydro trans and ran across this on Facebook as well, GSR trans with an ls 5th gear and Mfactory lsd installed. I split the case once I got it home to make sure what I was told was correct.
    Unfortunately for me the trans has a b16 2nd gear. It would be great if I was all motor but it's going to be pretty short for the built motor and turbo setup.
    Mfactory LSD! I've also been on the hunt for a bigger turbo for the next setup, ended up going with the boostedboiz special, an ebay dual ball bearing gt3582
    I also picked up a blemished speedfactory coolant fill pot for $100, super stoked on this!

    The only defect I can really see. I started making the collector for my next manifold! The next manifold is going to be a top mount. On the last manifold the collector was one stainless cast piece. This time I used a cutting fixture to make it from scratch. It took me some trial and error with pvc pipe to learn how to setup the fixture properly. It's not perfect but I'm happy with the results, plus I learned a lot during the making of it.

    The middle of the collector was definetly the hardest part. I messed up and got it too hot when welding and part of the merge burnt away. :(

    Last but not least I got a new steering wheel and some awesome 3D printed cup holders from Naytontech! I am so in love with them it works amazing!
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    It's been an interesting month so far, took my cousin and my brother out for a ride and broke an axle while doing a pull. Right after I grabbed 2nd one of the CV joints on the passenger side let go, and then to make things better when I went off to the side of the road my inner tie rod came out of the steering rack. The car had kind of been all over the road lately when getting on it but tbh I thought it was just my trans being non lsd acting weird. Turns out on both sides of the rack the inner tie rods were about to come right of the rack. Luckily I didn't crash and the tow truck driver was super cool, turns out he had a 1st gen CRX back in the day.



    He actually backed my car right into my dad's garage and let us put jack stands under it, I was impressed

    I tightened the inner tie rods and eyeball aligned the car just enough to take it to some shows right down the road from me, waiting on my brother to take it into his work and get it aligned for real.


    At a local car show to benefit kids with cancer! Showed up a little later than I would have liked and had to go into the overflow lot. Overall they raised over $13k to benefit a local kid with cancer which is awesome.


    At Creatures of the night, definitely the best show I got to take my wagon to so far! Can't wait for the next year.
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    Thanks for the update! Sounds like you got a lucky escape with the CV joint & tie rod failure.
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    A wagon with plenty of hp. Nice work!
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    ricards2 wrote: »
    A wagon with plenty of hp. Nice work!
    Thank you! More hp coming over the winter hopefully :)
    andreas542 wrote: »
    Thanks for the update! Sounds like you got a lucky escape with the CV joint & tie rod failure.
    Anytime :) trying to keep up to date as on this thread as I progress with the car. Definitely got lucky when the car broke lol.
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