Where to find part numbers?

Hi all,

First off, sorry for the longer post, I'm very new to this forum, civic wagons, and Honda's in general. I just picked up a nearly mint, garage kept, one owner (basically), 110k mile, no rust, '90 Civic Wagon 2WD manual. I bought it to be my daily driver, as my modified, 8 MPG, Cadillac CTS-V was becoming too expensive to daily drive, and my back-up V8 AWD Explorer, was not much cheaper. So I sold the Explorer and bought this wagon from a co-worker that had owned if for about a year, but hadn't really driven it. He lowered it, and it sat outside for that entire time. So now I'm in the process of fixing everything that is broken from age and returning it to its mostly stock form. I have already done a lot of work to it, cleaning it, putting the stock suspension back in, changing out all of the bushings for poly, painting stuff, but there are things I am struggling to find. So my question is where do I go, or what do I need (i.e. book or manual), to find the part numbers for buying stuff. I have always had really good experience with using OE parts. They just seem better quality and last longer, at least for most things. I have a first edition service manual, a new helms manual, first edition body repair manual, and a first edition electrical troubleshooting guide, but I can't find any part numbers for things. I bought things from local dealerships in the past, but more than a few times have been wrong and massively overpriced. I need/want a bunch of random things; like a rear defogger button, a bunch of the plastics under the front of the car, the plastic clips that hold everything, wheel well liners, front bumper, rear seat headrests, both rear seat latch knob thing, rear hatch latch mechanism, a bunch of random nuts and bolts. I have tried junk yards in the past, but unless it is a super common car, have not had a bunch of luck finding stuff of better quality than what is on the car. I get the feeling that the wagon is not a super common as I thought before I bought it. It was an impulse buy, being so cheap for such a nice vehicle. Don't get me wrong, I love my Superior Blue Metallic, funky shaped, wagon. I have always loved wagons, new and old. And I really don't like having vehicles where something is damaged or doesn't work. Even if I never use it or see it, like underbody plastics. So again sorry for the long post, but I'd really like to find part numbers for things on the car so I can start searching parts dealers, eBay, car-part.com, and other sources, so help would be greatly appreciated.


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    TRy sourcing parts from CRX,Civic (88-91)even other acura cars like Integra(teg).A lot of hondas share the same parts especially like random hardware parts.
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