New to the EF/EE world. 88' Wagon EG fanboy

Picked up a perfectly running Almond Cream 88' 2wd wagon for $800. Came with an extra set of HX wheels. Cosmetic damage on the hood and passenger side caliper leaks brake fluid. The car is extremely dirty on the inside but I'm very slowly clean bit by bit. I currently daily the wagon and I love it. I have a K24 92 civic hatch as a backup daily. The ultimate goal is to swap the k24 into the wagon and part out the hatch. After I swapped my hatchback with the K24 I felt so proud and smiled every second I was in it. Something about driving the wagon gives me that same feeling even without a crazy power plant under the hood.

Broke my phone just a few days ago so no pictures yet. Will upload some in a build thread when I get some progress on it.

Current wagon mods:
XXR 522
205/50/25 Federal Formoza

Future wagon mods:
Blox Racing Street coilovers(from hatch)
Top hats
Truhart rear 1.5" drop LCAs
Nrg quick release(from hatch)
Grip Royal wheel(from hatch)
K24a2 swap(Still contemplating)


  • SiWagonSiWagon Council Member
    Can't wait to see the k24 wagon.
    You should check out Bisimoto's K24 turbo Wagon.
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