reintroduction to the forum after 8 years

Hey everyone!
After a very long hiatus due to life circumstances.... my mom declined with Alzheimer's and I had to care for her and then starting my own business and staying extremely busy! I am finally getting back into my '89 wagovan that has sat dormant for nearly 8 years due to brake issues. It's taken some time to work out the kinks of a car sitting idle for 8 years but I got it running again after having to soak the tank to free up the fuel pump as well as change out some brake parts that were sold to me erroneously years ago. When I was having brake issues, I bought and replaced the wheel cylinders. I had a feeling they were the wrong part since the wagon is a bigger brake system but changed anyway and had a ton of challenges. I found new old stock wagon wheel cylinders and swapped them out recently. I have a question about brakes and will post in the appropriate area.

Anyway, I am looking forward to driving my wagon again. I have missed the joy of it, and the MPG, so much over the years.

Love this forum and the cool wagoners involved.



  • Welcome back! I went through those issue with getting the wrong parts shipped and it cause a big headache for me as well. It is also the reason I don't deal with Rock auto any more. We look forward to seeing your progress!
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