Hello from Villa Ridge Missouri!

Hey guys I just picked up a gold 91 rt4wd wagon about a month ago and so far I love this car! I would like to find out more about the wagons in general, I know a bit about the ef hatch's but not much about the wagon, which parts are interchangeable on these? I look forward to seeing your builds of your cars and what you all have done with these!


  • Welcome to the forum! There are a lot of parts that are interchangeable and a lot more that aren't lol. They are great cars and the enthusiast community it devoted to them that's for sure. Unfortunately, very recently a LOT of the RT parts have been discontinued and/or are fetching a crazy premium in the used parts industry because of the recent AWD conversion boom in the honda tuning crowd. It makes getting used parts for our cars CRAZY expensive. I just saw a few weeks ago that a USED viscous couple went for $1800 on facebook :nightmare: People were originally saying the seller was nuts for asking so much, but he got it!

    Anyway, lets see some pics!
  • Welcome! Search around and you'll find what you need. Case in point to your interchangeable parts question: https://www.civicwagon.com/showthread.php?3002-EE-EF-DA-Interchangable-parts-(Please-Add)
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    Sorry guys these are the only two pics of the car that I have at the moment, the first one is when I picked the car up, the second one is from this past weekend when I washed and waxed it, not too bad looking for a 27 year old car if I don't say so myself. The car is 100% factory and only has 95,000 miles on it. The back end is squatting from the other motor and transmission sitting in the back of it.
  • Welcome to the forum! You can't go bad with an RT! We look forward to your progress.
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