Greetings from Portland

Hello everyone! I'm stoked to finally be able to register for the forum (I've been trying for over a year but there has been an issue with the website that the admins only fixed recently) So, Hello!!

I got my first RT4WD wagon in 2013 but lost it in a bad breakup. Before that I had a few hatches, sedans and coupes. Mostly EG and a few EF but I always wanted a wagon! I grew up on the east coast and they're almost impossible to find out there. At least they were in DC 10 years ago for a 20-something kid with not much money.

Then my second wagon was Cody's lifted 91. It's a fun car! I made some changes and had a lot of problems with the axles that took me a few months to deal with. It had CRV suspension all the way around which made the ride REALLY stiff and was lifted so much it had almost zero rebound. So, I lowered it a little over an inch in the front and totally re-did the rear shocks with extended stock wagon strut and stock wagon spring and spacers. It sides really nice now. Anyway, Cody had it registered in Washington where you don't have to pass emissions but I'm in Portland and with no cat on the car i couldn't get it to pass. So the list of little fixes the thing needed just to keep on the road has been continually growing over the past year.

I decided I really wanted a daily driver and not a project or a money pit, so I started looking for something new. I feel like I hit the jackpot because the day I start looking, Mike's blue 91 with jackson racing supercharger was on craigslist! He wants a pretty steep price for it, but after seeing some build photos and talking to him on the phone about it, it was clear that the car was worth every penny! So now I'm scheduled to drive up to Seattle on Saturday to pick it up plus a bunch of his accessories. I'm stoked!!

I put my lifted wagon up for sale, but if I don't get any serious offers I've been thinking I'll just keep both and have the lifted one to beat up on the trail, and the blue one for my daily.



  • Welcome to the site at last!

    I don't know too much about the JRSC wagon, what motor is in it? Have you driven a SC car before? Thoughts?
  • It's on a DOHC ZC and has an water to air aftercooler. He has a dyno sheet (it's kinda old. from 2014 but the motor setup is the same) that has pretty nice numbers 177hp and 158tq


    I had a 1st gen eclipse gsx back on the east coast, but that has been my only boosted car that I've owned. I've driven several friend's cars including a JRS CRX that was a blast!
  • @superhatch, I checked out your blog a little and saw that you once had an alignment done in Oconomowoc. That's nuts cause that's where my wife is from. She moved to Portland to go to grad school 10 or so years ago. Her parents still live there and we visit about once a year. Small world!
  • Big Bear tire in Oconomowoc is a great shop and usually has some cool cars there if you want to stop by sometime. I'm about 30m away. Hit me up if you come out and you can get a ride in my wagon when it's all done!
  • That is a sweet wagon. Congratulations!
  • Dade has my baby now with the civic wagon Honda shop bibles to fix stuff over the years. Take care of my old man. Congrats. When I’m in Oregon I will hit you up to grab a drink and shoot the shit. I feel it is in excellent hands.
  • Thanks Mike! He is definitely in good hands! I can't guarantee that he'll stay exactly as he is at the moment, but any work I do will be done with extreme care and the same attention to detail that you've given it all these years.

    My newest member of the family!!! I can't wait to start getting some little details sorted.

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