My JRSC D16Y8 RT4WD Wagon Build

Hey everyone! This is my 1989 Civic wagon rt4wd the day I bought her last April, and I am finally joining the forum now. When I bought it, it had 460000km on the body and the previous owner just swapped out the original D16A6 for a D16Y8 out of a Canadian-spec 1998 Acura 1.6EL. The owner before him, bought 3 wagons to put together this one. It was originally grey but was repainted :( to Honda spec Eternal Blue Pearl and he put in a sunroof from I think an ef hatch. The previous owner was given a slew of parts from the restoration but most of them were left out to the canadian elements and were rusted. I did however get a few spare doors, multiple sets of headlights and tailights, spare windows, new door seals, new windows all around, spare driveshaft, spare 4wd trans, spare gas tank and a lot more! It came with the full oem nose bra, lower centre console, the underseat storage compartment, rear speaker pods, and an oem armrest.

After 2 weeks of owning it, the gas tank straps rusted out and I had it towed for the first time.

Since the sunroof was aftermarket I had to make my own headliner, to match the headliner I also made a new shift boot and arm rest cover that goes over the oem fabric.

Could not be happier with the paint and the engine bay and door jams were painted to match. I would like to paint the door trims back to plastic black though.

Got hit 2 months after owning it, I got hit by an older gentleman taking a uturn out of nowhere. The civic held up well against a 2012 Ford Fusion as this was the only damage and the ford had $5000 in damages.

A couple of weeks after the accident the wagon started to overheat and burn coolant... head gasket time. I decided to park the car as I was going back to school and wouldn't be home to work on it.

Started making clear taillights out of a cracked set I got with the car, turned out good just do not have a picture of all 4.

Decided since the wagon wasn't stock, may as well make it fun! Then I bought a brand new Jackson Racing Supercharger and started to collect the necessary parts for the build. So far I have gotten the full supercharger kit, 3" pulley good for 9-11psi, brand new Hayame FR-1 Fuel Rail, RDX 410cc injectors, mishimoto full rad and hoses, b18 60mm tb, all new oem gaskets for the engine, p28 ecu neptune chipped, 4-2-1 headers, exedy clutch, exedy lightweight flywheel, k&n intake and an aem cam gear. Still have a few more things on my list before i start working on it. Hoping for 180-200awhp out of the build but will be happy with it either way.

And here it is now, sitting in my garage until I come back from school to work on it. Will be a slow build process but will keep this updated as much as possible.


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