Sunny - 1993 Rare Civic Si Find

I saw this car for the first time when I went to look at a 91 wagon owned by a guy who ran into a friend of mine in a parking lot admiring his WRX wagon. My friend passed me his number and I went to take a look.

A 2 owner, never driven in winter, 62k EG Si isn't something you stumble across often across the US in this day and age, much less one you find in Wisconsin. Initially I talked with Johnathan about helping to sell the wagon and the Si but eventually a friend of mine said he was interested in buying the wagon. Jonathan and I talked about putting the wagon up for 4k which seemed a good price given the market today. The wagon is a 1991 RT4WD with 97k miles, never driven in winter. What!? This guy basically has a best-of early 90's museum at his house.

Jonathan thought 3k was a little low for the wagon, but I asked if he would sell the wagon and the si for 3k each if we picked them both up. He agreed and after a few missed connections I ended up going to pick up the Si first. After seeing the Si move out of his driveway Jonathan decided not to sell the wagon. I guess seeing one piece of 90s nostalgia leave was too much for one man to handle. I know it would be for me too.
I don't know how long the car sat, but it was at least a year or two. Lots of sun fade, and clear coat damage to the roof, and also noticeable on tops of the body panels. All the molding is cracked and the tires look pretty dry rotted as well.

I've got a load of parts on the way:

OEM Honda parts
Koni Yellows
Eibach Pro-Kit
Eibach Sway kit
Falken Azeniz
Brembo blanks
Hawk HPS 5.0 pads

As Found:



  • On DUBZ after the first wash. I pulled all the moldings and power washed everything.


    More pics and a write up at the blog in my sig or a full album of pics here:
  • Just WOW! What a great find! Congrats!
  • That's a great find SH! Look forward to seeing what you do with it.
  • The hubcaps are OEM and mint. He pulled them off the car and put them in his basement right when he bought it back in 95. I asked if he had the OEM steelies and he said yeah they are in the basement so we went down to get them. Then he was like "Oh I have these too" and just pulled them out from a box just sitting in the corner.

    I'm going for an OEM+ type of feel to the car, maybe OBD1 B16 at some point in the future but I'm hesitant to even do that. I do know that now I have two great 90's civics I'm going to go bonkers on the wagon. :P
  • BillBoardBillBoard council member
    BEAUTIFUL! Great find. Love the OEM hubcaps!
  • kennyword1kennyword1 Band Wagon
    Great find man what are the odds that both of your cars are red too lol. I love those hubcaps I had mine refinished on my white ek sedan.
  • Fuck. YES.
  • That looks impressive! Great find indeed.
  • ricards2ricards2 Band Wagon
    The exterior looks good. I did the color!
  • DuplantisDuplantis Band Wagon
    How rare is this model exactly? Is it known how many cars were produced?
  • I wouldn't say they are rare, but finding one in stock condition with low miles is very rare.
  • superhatchsuperhatch Moderator
    edited November 2019

    Some photos from this summer:

    Vti(?) oem exhaust BNIB from a dealership somewhere in europe:

    B16 left, USDM D16Z6 right

    It was cheaper and easier to buy a skunk 2 rear LCA than dig around for an EX LCA in the junk yard.

    Added EX Sedan components to mount the sway bar. Oddly the Si never came with a rear sway bar.

  • clean hatch love me a Eg hatch any updates on this

  • I'll be working on paint at some point, but it's basically done otherwise. It's in too good of shape to really mess with it imo.

  • you're right definitely don't see ANY!! eg Si as mint as your's keep that factory look you'll still have people breaking necks ?, i'm going to try to do that to my red Rt wagon get body/paint work hopefully next year and keep it all factory

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