J-series engine in a wagon?

Hello everyone,

I have looked at quite a few interesting posts about J-series engines. Particularly the j32 engine.

Big question is, has anyone placed such an engine inside of our wagon? Also, would our transmission work with it?

Sorry if it is a repeated question.


  • wagodizzlewagodizzle Council Member and EDM expert
    in short, no one has done it yet though it's been discussed quite a lot. There are a few EF hatchbacks and maybe sedans out there with the swap. Hasport makes mounts for EF j-series (which would include the wagon).

    D-series transmissions will not work, and I'm pretty sure there are no D to J tranny conversions.
  • There a quite a few Del Sols with the J32 as well. Charb was hot on doing one in a wagon until his recent relocation required selling his wagon. Meh, do it. I'd love to see it done.
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