She's headed to the garage...finally!

Well, after being a daily driver since 2016 after our move from FL to TN, Misty the RT is finally headed to the garage for some sorely needed cosmetic maintenance. She has been a trooper, and other than my alternator issues which were finally fixed with a 170A Alterstart unit from Ebay, she has not stopped once. Everything still works, including the cold AC, and there are no leaks. I am amazed actually. I think with the proper maintenance and parts, these cars could run forever. This week I managed to spill two full load of coffee under the passenger AND driver seats. You can thank my kids for that. So first order of business is to take the carpet out, which I was going to do anyway to sound-deaden the interior. I have some small rust spots to work on and plan on removing the front and rear bumpers to get to all the possible corrosion issues. From there I'd like to get a repaint at some point.

This past weekend I signed on a 18 Tacoma 4x4 TRD Offroad Shortbed Doublecab with a 6 speed manual in blazing blue metallic. I had to order it because I also spec'd Tech and Prem packages and THAT combination is very difficult to find anywere. This is something I have waited for a long time (many years actually). So, at the end of June, I should be taking delivery on that. So, I am looking forward to be able to work on the RT in my spare time and getting it ready for weekend only duty. I hope to start a thread on the work I will be doing. Gotta keep this place going, everybody is disappearing!


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