1988 RT4wd Throwout bearing. HELP

Hey guys, replacing the clutch on my 88 rt4wd and got the kit from exedy. Everything is great EXCEPT the t/o bearing. Got the number from on here the 22810-ph8-008 and no one has it. Rockauto had two choices that matched with that part number. I got the bearing from SKP and it works but does not have the collar on the back facing the trans like old one. Has anyone ran this and been okay or can someone point me in the right direction for the actual correct one that would be awesome. Thanks!


  • GriftyGrifty Wagonist
    Get one from your local Honda dealer or from a online Honda dealer.
  • superhatchsuperhatch Moderator
    What happens if you use a 2wd throwout bearing?
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    im not sure of the part #s but i know that the 2wd throwout bearing has a smaller inner diameter than the 4wd. the pressure plate and disc are the same.
  • GriftyGrifty Wagonist
    Yep the 2WD throwout bearing has a smaller inner diameter so it doesn't fit the transmission.
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