RSX or TSX shifter into RT4WD.

So my car's shifter is the weak link. The cables are tired, the bushings are worn and there isn't much you can do about it. Or is there?

The RSX and TSX...or any K series motor for that matter also has a cable shifter. I just looked at the RSX shifter and the cable ends for the transmission side look really close, upon initial inspection, to our cables. The OEM cables are adjustable, and if the lengths are not long enough there are a couple places that will do custom cables (K tuned used to do custom cables but not anymore).

So, I'm gonna take the dive and order an RSX OEM shifter and cables and have a go.


  • Having completed a K24 swap into an Insight I have a couple sets of shift cables and shift boxes laying around.

    RSX and Insight have the front to back cable attached above the shifter pivot point while the TSX has the cable attached below the pivot point. The linkages on the transmission are opposite of each other between TSX and RSX.

    Insight and RSX use eyelets or rod end style joints while then TSX cables have a ball and socket joint.

    I want to say the Insight cables are a fair bit longer and smaller diameter.
  • I have an RSX shifter box and cables that just came in. I'll be having a go at it over the NYE weekend so I'll give some updates. I doubt that there are aftermarket shift assemblies for the Insight, or is it just a replica of the RSX shifter box?
  • It is a RSX shifter with a unique mounting base. A slightly modified TSX shifter fits no problem. Sits a little taller but still fits under the center console and shifter boot. Hard to go from 100hp RT on mud tires to a 205hp 1700lbs Insight. Insight pulls harder in 6th than the Wagon does in SL.
  • Sorry to awaken a dead thread... but any chance the rsx shifter assembly works? My 365k mile shifter is really sloppy and from research it seems it is almost impossible to rebuild due to certain parts not being made...
  • So it kinda works. The side to side motion is ok but the way our cable shifter works is flipped compared to the K series shifter. If you wanted to get used to a different shifting patern Picture 1-2-3-4-5-R and now view the same gear positions but it would be 2-1-4-3-R-5. Basically first is lower left, second above that, third is lower middle, fourth above that, fifth lower right, reverse above that.

    I think if you could change your thinking to get it into first rowing gears would still feel pretty normal but the locations of the gears would be odd. You also loose super low gear as the K series shifter doesn't allow that much travel.

    I did just have a call with Mike from K-Tuned and he suggested I try an Accord K series shifter as they have the connection point on the other side of the ball. I might talk with the guys from Vtec Academy as well to get their insight.

    I'll update again when I get some more feedback.
  • I talked with an engineer from K-Tuned and they were not interested in building anything that wasn't going to sell thousands of pieces, which is obviously understandable. He didn't have much help but to suggest using an accord K series shifter because he thought that the layout was different from an RSX shifter. Haven't looked into this yet but I know that the guys from Vtec Academy used an accord shifter in their k swapped 4th gen. But it was a K transmission, so not sure that will help us out much.

    Edit: also reached out to Hush performance today.
  • Ik this is old but any update on how this turned out ?

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