1991 AWD Wagon rear end issue, maybe differential?

Hello all,
We have a new to us, one previous owner, 1991 AWD Wagon. The rear tires seems to be binding on turns, at slow speed very noticeable, and being very resistant to roll in general. We moved the transmission lever to disengage rear wheels and this has made driving it alot better, but seems to still have some rear end noise. We changed the passenger side rear cv axle (seemed like noise was on that side) with one from a JY as the rears seems to be no longer produced, but did not help . I checked differential oil, it was correct level but black so it was drained and refilled with new gear oil. The transmission oil was also changed, but it looked normal (not black). I am thinking the rear differential might be shot, as the viscous coupler would be my only other idea of the responsible party , but all i seem to read is that when it fails you lose AWD, not that it sticks and seems to be ALWAYS in "4wd" mode and applying torque to the rear wheels. Whew. Any ideas out there?


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