Seat belt alarm and wiper malfunction

The seat belt alarm beeps at me intermittently (nearly constantly) with everything in the proper position.
All seat belts, shoulder and lap, work fine.

Has anyone else had this problem?
It's quite annoying.

Also, my wipers in LOW only work intermittently.
Everything else about all the wipers work fine.
Any ideas?


  • 5SpeedEJ65SpeedEJ6 Band Wagon
    My wipers work intermittently if it's cold out and the car is also cold. I haven't found a solution yet but if I do I'll let you know. As far as the seat belts, it sounds like the sensor isn't working properly and it thinks that the belt isn't on.
  • Can't figure out which sensor (switch) for the shoulder belts and hoping to learn how to isolate it without taking things apart. Hate to mess with aged plastic although I must say, Honda plastic is a lot better than old Toyota plastic.
    It's not cold here in Coastal Cal so temp doesn't seem to be the problem. I'm going to keep turning them on to low whenever possible which won't be much now that rainy season is ending. Maybe dust in the switch?
  • invalidinvalid Wagonist
    my seat belts were giving me issues for a bit. once i cleaned up the fuse connection at the battery it all worked fine. there was a little bit of corrosion there once gone no problem. may be a spot to check.
  • I bet you are having issues with the control box on the back of the under dash fuse panel. It is a white box that is snapped into the fuse block.

    Probably a combination of dry solder joints that have failed as well as dried up capacitors. This little box has the seat belt beeper and the wiper controls in it.
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