DC/EG Full body Coil-Overs on Wagon?

I swear I've asked this before, but I can't find any threads.

Can I put DC Integra coil-overs on my wagon? 1990 Dx model, 2WD. I've come across a stupid deal on some DC units. I *think* i have to swap the lower front forks, right? I wasn't sure on ride height for the rears, or if the rear lower forks were a different width than my 90 wagon LCAs.

I need help FAST because I've got to get this deal going.



  • i put eg coil overs on my 91 2wd if that helps. the rear needs to be fork style. i dont remember changing the front forks from stock.
  • Thanks man! I'd seen a few people listing "EG" in the mega "What Suspension are You Running?" feedback thread. I'll be sure to list my exact findings once I test fit these DC full bodied coil-overs. I've read in a few different places that it's the diameter of the front lower forks that slip over the bottom of the shock is smaller on the 88-91 than it is the 92-95 Civic/94-01 Integra, but the fork length/dimensions are the same. I do have rear fork type as well, not the eyelet 88 Civic/ITR style.
  • You need front forks from whatever Honda/Acura the coilovers are meant for. So you could run either EG or DC front forks, and the rears fit perfect since EFs civics have the same lower control arms as EGs. I am running EK (96-00) D2 coilovers on my '91 RT4WD Wagon and I am using forks from an EK.
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