89 EF8 project

I missed my old crx soo much I had to get another one. I had a look at it about 6 months ago and didnt have the time or money to get it, Texted the guy and he still had it. It has a 97 B18cr with some skunk2 goodies on it. wiring was a mess and i'm slowly sorting it out. I've replaced the fiberglass bonnet/hood with a stock one, also have a set of non tinted taillights. I've taken out the adjustable suspension and put stock stuff back in for now. taken off the 16s and put my mr5s on. Replaced the hood slam panel with a beagle one, I was surprised it fitted!3.jpg
Obd1 loom ready to go in, ITR obd2 loom and battery cable routing

I moved the battery jumpstart post and reinstalled the factory fusebox as somone had chopped everything off. The radiator fan wiring is all sorted now and turns off with the key!
Master looked like it was leaking so I got a bran new unit to replace it


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    I'll have to sort the photos but the engine loom is in, battery stud and cable have been relocated. I've made a cold air box for it and sorted the rear brake lines as they weren't secured. I got a new master cylinder for it, replace the shifter bushes and installed a short shifter. My list of things to do is getting smaller, Just need to extend the 02 sensor wire and sort out a plug for the vss and the engine bay is done. I'll need to test/work out whats missing so I can reinstate the heater controls, My last crx didn't have any and it was horrible in the rain with no de fogger. I have some cf48s I'll hopefully get before christmas. Hopefully early in the new year I'll have it ready for the dyno
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    pick dump coming.
    Here is the bay pretty much as I got it. The fiberglass bonnet was toast and was held in by pins, The whole lot has come off and surprisingly the ef5 beagle bonnet slam panel t bar (whatever you call it) bolted in with minor encouragement so I can use a stock bonnet
    It had a EG half size radiator by the looks of it buy my friend had a pile of leftover EF9 parts which I ended up with so I put the EF9 fullsize radiator in it and wired up the ac fan to come on with the rad fan.

    I gave the ignition system a birthday, new cap,rotor, coil, Ht leads, and plugs. I tidied up the radiator hoses and warmed it up for a test and it started missing on cyl 4. I was initially suspected the fuel pump was too high (it had low fuel) as I was pumping the old fuel out and it was aerated. I dropped the tank and figured out what the problem was. I cleaned it up with vinegar and flushed it a few times with baking soda and water. I think three lots of fresh fuel went in and were discarded before all the crap came out.

    I got a d series vtec obd1 loom and re used the ef alternator cable so I could reinstate the stock fusebox. Man the parts beagle was a godsend for fixing that mess! I have tidied and re routed the body looms too and made a cold air box of sorts.

    The rear cannon was chucked away and I've gone to the stock style routing and a 2.5" muffler. Its pretty rough to be honest but I'll probably end up redoing the exhaust at some point. The bootlid was filled with expanding foam to fill the spoiler holes and I personally hate not having a rear wiper so I replaced it. I have the stock spoiler to put on too but might paint the bootlid/spoiler in the factory Grey (i'm intending on a respray at some point)

    The bay is a little tidier now. Still more stuff to do but we'll get there eventually
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    The battery box was bolted to the spare wheel mount and battery was free to fly around and take your head off. I found some plate steel and it'll on the passengers side just above the jack. The smaller plate goes between the frame rail and the spare wheel well. I'll Drill and tap some holes and nicely (ish) mount the battery box and somehow work out how to get a battery clamp in there
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    I took the fuel supply hose off as It was leaking a bit and will get a new one made up
    I was looking for something else in the garage today and picked up a bracket and thought that looks familiar. Turns out it was a power steering pump bracket for a B series ef i've done a quick test fir and the profile is correct but the lower bracket is too high as the B18 block is slightly taller than the B16.. Luckily the brackets are only held together by a 10mm bolt so I'll whip that off and test fit the pump another day. Picked up a ef/da crank pulley so thats everything sorted. I'm thinking about doing the cam belt while I have the crank pulley off. Probably will be a good idea

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    Haven't done anything car wise in a while, Head injuries are no fun.
    MY tuner came around to have a look the other day and the car decided to eat the second hand fuel pump. I have a new one to put in now and I'm hoping its the tank is clean enough! I'll get some friends around to help drop the tank and go from there.

    Man the Ys1 is a close fit in the ef! there is about 5mm of clearance between it and the body. You can see where it has been rubbing a tad. Motor has to come out with the box so I'll wait until everything is out before I finish off the timing belt
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    motor and box are out now. I had a hand and got heaps done. Box is sitting ready to go get bearings and a lsd and I'll do the timing belt and that should be the motor side done
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    I dropped the tank again on this and turns out I didn't clean it out enough as there is more sediment and rust flakes that s time around. I'll see if I can fit the beagle tank into this. Failing that I'll source a replacement tank. I called and got a estimate on cleaning/coating the existing tank and it's pretty expensive
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    I had a look at taking the rack out of the subframe and a friend was over and he asked why don't you just swap the whole subframe. They are all the same it seems, its threaded for both mounts. Subframe is bolted in and tomorrow I'll finish off re attaching the control arms and swaybar.

    The tank is still fucked in the crx, According to the Internets the shuttle tanks can fit the crx/hatches. It doesn't. The filler is on the wrong place, the pump is on the opposite side and last of all it doesn't even fit and hangs too low so at the first bump it'll rip open. Rock auto has a new tank reasonably priced so I'll get a estimate for shipping it home.

    I was tidying up and had a look at the headers and noticed lots of carbon around the flange... I had a quick check with the gasket on the head and back on the headers and they are way off. There is a huge lip inside them where the pipe meets the flange. I'll attack it with the die grinder and see how much better I can get it. the collector pipe is also only 2" so I'll chop that off and put a bit of 2.5 on it

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    I collected the gearbox today, it needed a set of bearings a replacement second as it had rusted. I believe he tightened the shifter gate?a tad as well. The gearbox guy said it's not the tightest viscous lsd he has seen but it's still better than a open diff. I'll need to improve my driving before I need a better diff anyway.

    The tank is still getting cleaned with electrolysis, I'm cleaning the anode electrode a few times a day so it's still tidying the tank internally. I have a por 15 tank sealing kit to put through but I want to get as much rust gone as can before I put that through
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