AK EF Hatch, Toyonda leftovers

Found a guy in wasilla that traded me the rt4wd parts for a 90dx hatch!

ive never had a hatch before but it seems like a good home for that turbo zc.

planning on a daily driver for now.......and it has a 4spd which should be good for boost!



  • Turned the A/C and PS parts off the crank pulley


    Went through every electrical connection and applied dielectric grease, also put a little MMO in each cylinder and rolled the engine over since its been sitting for 2 years.

  • Swapped in the jimfab traction bar and middle subframe from the wagon, kept the dx steering rack.





    Wired in the turbo timer, just need to solder in the wideband and we should be cookin!
  • good stuff. i like it.
  • Well, the hatch now has rt4wd hubs which don't accept dx axles, too bad I traded both my 4wd trans or I could swap the differential and keep the bigger axles.
  • it must be an std model they have smaller hubs like a crx hf. a dx should have the bigger hubs like the rt4wd. unless canada dx is different not sure.
  • It is a Canadian model, I'll just swap in the smaller hubs for now, this is a weird car, it's a dx w/ a 4spd
  • 11.jpeg

    so this was a royal pain this weekend, not sure if it's because this is a Canadian car or a dpfi chassis but I had to rewire the entire "B" plug to the ecu. On the bright side Neptune connected right back up to the Moates demon after 5 years haha. The battery on the demon went dead and lost the tune so I'm starting over from scratch since my tunes are on the hard-drive that my harlot of an ex wife stole.
  • Fabbed up some nice radiator mounts on the traction bar,



    and built this 4 relay block to control an exhaust cut-out, fan, switch maps function and an aux 12v supply for the wideband.

  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    teach me your ways - looking forward to the build updates
  • I make this shit up as I go :p
  • Fitted the intercooler behind the bumper, it was a tight fit but it worked


    undetected and unsuspected

  • My good buddy tig welded a new elbow onto the intercooler, then welded some mounts to the chassis and bolted her up! Can't even tell this thing is boosted by looking at it, did I mention this is gonna be a sleeper?
  • That thing is super sleeper! How does it run!?
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