Seat belt alarm

Greetings. Wondering if anyone has any ideas about the best way to troubleshoot the seat belt alarm on my that thinks someone is in seat passenger seat and hasn't buckled up. At least that's what I'm assuming the car is thinking. Or maybe it's the shoulder belt? It doe, sometimes, intermittently stop for short periods. I have the Honda manual on CD but there is no specific troubleshoot guide. I know I can pull the fuse behind the radio which leaves the shoulder belts in the retracted position (how it was when I bought the car). Also, I know there was a recall on the lap belts and that the seat belts have lifetime warranty, but I'm pretty sure our local Honda dealership will find some reason to charge for troubleshooting, which could be very costly. Anyone else have this problem? BTW it's a 1991 with manual transmission. Thank you!
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