Camber kit option for lifted setups

What front/rear camber kits are you lifted wagons running to correct positive camber? Truhart or skunk2 is what I'm debating over or is there another brand you suggest? I saw from a YouTube of Dana Prum you can get cheap ones and drill into them to get more camber adjustment and I DON'T want to do that. I want to use a brand with enough adjustment capability to correct it without going the cheap way. I'll pay the premium for doing it right the first time. Btw: I'm doing the standard lift of da integra rear with stock flipped LCAS, accord fronts with oem top hat swap, and ES full bushing kit on my 91 rt4wd. Tires are undecided. I have my stock rt wheels or my 15x6 steelies off some other Honda. Thanks!!
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