Rt4wd from Australia



  • AbideAbide Council Member
    sits nicely on the wheels!

    its shocking how much that one little plastic nothing bushings can make a difference. ive shattered two of them.
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    Abide wrote: »
    sits nicely on the wheels!

    its shocking how much that one little plastic nothing bushings can make a difference. ive shattered two of them.

    Cheers man, yeah pretty happy with how and where it sits. Ideally I'd like to go like 10mm in the rear however my coilovers are maxed out. But whatever it's not the end of the world.

    Oh yeah, I thought like my whole rack collapsed the noise it was making with steering wheel input. Lucky they're only like 20 bucks. Might order another one for a spare.
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    Currently over here in w.a. again for 2weeks sorting the house out. A really good friend of mine has let me use his him b18cr swapped crx as a run around. A lot of fun to drive.

    We're gonna try and get to the drags on Wednesday night and see how it goes on the 1/4.


    Also the same guy has given me a b18c, it has a spun bottom end bearing, had a look and the crank is pretty sad but should be able to source another one pretty easy. So I guess the next real step is b swap once we sort all our finances out and find a place over in QLD.



  • JundaCoroJundaCoro New Wagonist
    Okay, so back from my sneaky w.a swing.

    Mate and myself ended taking that crx down the 1/4, 14.5 was the best for the night, a ton of wheelspin and wheelhop definitely slowed it down considerably. Wider tyres and a traction bar would help a lot and he's plan on doing, so I guess we'll find out for sure how much it improves.


    Unmmm I've been focusing on getting the car ready for the roadworthy so new cv shafts, fixed the rust (temp fix anyways) a sheit ton of rust converter and some trusty bog, better than the 100 mph tape.







    Also, put the stock seats back in, some fun seat covers.


    Finally wired in my corner indicators, all my spare harnesses and plugs were over in w.a. Didn't have the correct 2 prong plug, so just shaved down one off the 3 pronger and pulled off the front indicator wiring.





    The donk got the nod for the mod plate and finally it's rego'd in QLD. So that makes it the first legal efi converted civic wagon in the country, which is pretty cool.



    Another big meet, cleaned the car extensively, made it into a video, blakebch is his YouTube name, only local but does pretty cool editing and stuff. Anyways made the bit I snuck into a gif. :D



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    Accidentally posted twice, no idea how to delete it (on my phone, so dunno if that's why) anyways that's why this msg now exists. Sigh
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    Hi gang, I know it's been like 2+ years since I've posted but there's been some pretty big changes recently.

    Little teaser but I'm gonna try and get on top of the thread eventually

  • JundaCoroJundaCoro New Wagonist
    But yeah Bswap, the tailshaft and diff are basically u/s so I've just made it fwd, mfactory lsd, mugen headers, skunk2 intake man, light weight flywheel, shaved bay.
  • arries289arries289 Wagonist
    Welcome back! Looks like some quality time and money was spent there. Looking forward to more pics!
  • andreas542andreas542 Band Wagon
    Looks like porn to me. NSFW! Welcome back, looking forward to updates!
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