3rd gen strut bars

So I'm looking to stiffen up my wagovan. Been looking around online and am not finding a whole lot. Checked the threads here with no luck either. My question is, what strut bars are avaliable and or what will fit a 3rd gen. Looking for upper and lower, front and rear and some mid stiffening. Open to ideas and suggestions.


  • Hopefully one of the third gen guys will chime in here, I'm not finding anything in searching either.

    Honestly what I'd do is measure the distance from stud to stud across the strut. To see how far away the studs are. Then measure across the engine bay from stud to stud.

    It might be a situation where you need something custom here, and knowing those measurements would be a good start. I'm out of town for a couple weeks, but I'd be more than happy to take measurements on my 4th gen for you, so we could compare numbers and see how things line up. Could be a situation where an already existing brace just needs some minor tweaking to fit.

    But hopefully someone with more 3rd gen knowledge than me will weigh in here for you.
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    I was never able to find any that were specifically made for the wagon. I was going to do exactly what haydz said, do some measuring and then just find something that is "close" or have someone make something if you don't have the fabrication skills yourself.
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    think gizmo made some for his car look like pretty nice work and
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