Sooo... I bought a Nissan LEAF.


Here's my ps rendition of my some what end game goals
got it for a good price.
the charging is a small inconvenience small city driving , bigger for farther traveling .
i got 82 mi from my first full charge and could have probably gone +20 more or so , if i was a top gear rep i would have figured that out haha
I made this in about 5 minutes so dont judge!
MMR HR3 Rims : : :



  • Awesome! I can't imagine what type of rubber would need to go on those wheels that wouldn't absolutely kill your empg with what about 30% more tread width? Have you calculated out what the weight will be as well.
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    nah but heres a quick assumption fact. I drove 3 people my self included and the mileage estimator was only off by a few miles or so nothing really major and for 19 or 20 " from 15 " steelies and hub caps imo i cant see it changing by mch
  • Hauling people is one thing, adding mass to the wheels especially on a system with regenerative braking can put a crimp in that empg. In addition to adding drag by increasing that wheel width, that thing was made fairly aerodynamic and has the narrower wheels to help with that.

    On the leaf forums I've seen quite a few people talking about 10% losses with heavier/wider wheels.

    What would the price be on LRR tires in that size anyway? Do they even make them?
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    whats llr mean? and honestly i havent put much thought into it other than the idea of getting those rims if the car allows it, just purely what if scenario haha

    I have 70k warrenty on it and am at 22k rn so I wont be toching the car until then or at least 50 k know what I mean!?
  • LRR = low rolling resistance
    They've done tests on the leaf with LRR and non tires. Benefit of Non is you get better traction and a greater skid pad, the thing can actually pull 1G but not with the LRR tires.

    If they don't make them that fit the size of the wheel you're looking at you'd probably be looking at another 3-5% reduction in range.

    On another note is there a reason you picked the leaf vs say an imev or a spark? Just wondering as it's something I'm considering as well just for the little 6 mile drive to and from work.
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    well 1 i dont think ill ever buy american lol
    2 it was listed at 9.9k the lowest I saw any other leaf in the area
    3 the imev i never heard of lol but its ugly as all hell and appears very small
    imo its a great frickin lil car and the warrenty has me like ayyyyy everytime i get in to drive it lol
    the leaf comfortably fits 4 -5
    I bought it mainly to build my credit and to ensure my future is less stressful
    my wagon is my only other vehicle aside from this moped i built lol I havent had my license for 2 years due to legal issues and bs and i wanted to ensure my future was going to not be as hecktic and stressful by ensuring id have reliable transportation and I wouldnt be racking up miles on my baby - also allows me to finally persue building a turbo and other things that are long past due for that car build... i pay under 300$ a month and since i live at home my parents are really happy about the fact we will be paying bout 8 times less for electricity due to electric company incentives. also will be getting paid 900$ a year they said out of the whole deal for some reason because we're reducing a carbon footprint by so much!
    theres more perks from buying brand new fed. gives you like up to 7500$ back on top of local electric utilities incentives!
    i sound like a fuckin car sales man now... but yea
    the car has a lot of pep and a eco and normal mode which is even faster! ( way faster than my civic im sure )
    the other reason i bought the car is like 0 maintaince so over time i will have saved enough money to finish my wagon build.
    its all for the wagon! haah
  • Well the Nissan is built here in the states and the Spark over in Korea, so let that warp your brain a bit.

    I get you on the price though I thought you'd bought a new one. So that's a good deal.

    As far as looks go I think both are hideous. The Leaf looks like a puffer fish and the imev looks like some pod out of wall-e.

    Either way, nice buy, I hope it works out for you. Just don't hose your range with some damn bug heavy wheels, I'd just hate to see you spend money on screwing over the sole purpose of the vehicle.
  • I think that all of them are ugly but the imev and spark are much much uglier...
  • I'd go the other way with that myself. Spark then imev then Leaf. I'm just waiting for the Model 3
  • healbearhealbear Band Wagon

    So Klum kept his Honda wagon, and still working on it? How are you doing on the trim parts of your Honda wagon. I have been thinking about selling my Honda wagon but put a alot of replacement parts already. Rebuilt the engine, wondering if I should keep it or sell it. Got any ideas! needs paint job and upholstery work.

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