The 3G Cougar



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    Sooooo I'm preggers and the kid is yours. We can make this all go away... give me the wagon and you'll never see me again....
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    Thanks y’all!
    Pretty big updates for the wagon this week. I promised myself I would take more pictures but i was just to excited.

    NOS box with NOS goodies(door mouldingsicon6.png


    Another package from a country far far away with totaly normal side mirrors





    Shout-out to fox designs for hooking me up with awesome stickers. Here’s the link to them






    Play by play on the mirrors

    7/8 hole saw was used for the big hole


    No rust wanted

    The spring on the mirror can’t go all the way down unless you cut through here


    Pretty cool having a brother who works at a body shop


    And there you have it. Unfortunately I installed the mirrors to close to the hood side of the fender. Don’t go by my holes. Fortunately it didnt effect drivebility so I left them how they were. Overall they look really cool and you can actually see more of the road.

    Next step is lowering the suspension. Getting my springs, shocks, and an adjustable panhard bar next week. Hopefully that’s all i’ll need.
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    popping mollys.. im sweatin'
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    Def a unique ride....looks great.
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    Those wheels look sweet. Looking forward to seeing more updates and pics.
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    wow! i love the two tone! looks amazing!
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    BillBoard wrote: »
    popping mollys.. im sweatin'
    arries289 wrote: »
    Def a unique ride....looks great.

    Thanks! She is a beaut.
    ricards2 wrote: »
    Those wheels look sweet. Looking forward to seeing more updates and pics.

    Yea they are, can’t wait to get them painted!
    Finny wrote: »
    wow! i love the two tone! looks amazing!

    Wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but loved the result as well.

    Got the wagon virus again after stumbling upon this old thing...




    Scored a JDM DOHC ZC. Supposedly comes with basically double the power than the D15A2. That means I can leave the engine stock and still have some fun. It’s no K-Series but it’s the best option to keep my RT4WD and not spend a fortune. If anyone has done this swap any information would be useful. Also the wagon sits a little bit closer to the ground.


    Currently has KYB Civic Struts on all four. Had to cut off the the brake bracket because it was getting in the way. The rear springs are from the well known BG springs lol. Finally, had to buy an adjustable panhard bar from Cheddas Auto so my tires don’t get worn out unevenly. The fronts sits around 4 and the rear at 3 skinny fingers. Still have to buy torsion bars and re-index them so hopefully both sides will be level then. Finally, bought another wagon to be my daily while the other one is under the knife. Was going to use it for parts but on the drive home i started to have second thoughts. It’s a 1986 4WD. Has more than 300,000 miles on it but the body is pretty straight. Wish the other one had a button.




    Thanks for looking and ill do my best to keep you guys updated!
  • Nice! I second your thoughts on keeping the 86! I do not think there are many left in that good if shape.
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    edited June 2020

    It’s been a sucky year for The Cougar. First got hit on the quarter panel on two separate occasions then woke up to this a few weeks later. Whoever did it didn’t leave a note or anything ?

    Anyways since COVID, I’ve had more free time on my hands so I decided its a good time to start the swap. Got the blue wagon running smooth after a de’vac. Here is the engine bay after a power wash. Will be using it as my daily.

    Finished doing what I had to do with the motor. Also found a picture of an intake manifold on a old brochure so I had Prennro make a decal out of it.

    We finally dropped the old motor last weekend. Going to miss this little motor, if it wasn’t leaking oil everywhere I’d be having second thoughts. I’m thinking about rebuilding and sticking it in the other one. We will see.

    So I’ll try to be as detailed as I can for those who think b-series and k-series are overrated lol. From what I’ve read I can use the mounts I have and just hammer in a part of the shock tower and it will fit right in. Obviously I have to rewire everything and change a few things with the fuel system. I’ll keep you all posted.

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    Dude. I can't believe your wagon was hit! Multiple times?! What is happening?

    Very excited to see new motor installed tho...

  • thats just terrible to wake up too people need tp pay attention while driving, cant wait to see more updates

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    Street parking is involved in most of my nightmares.

    Cant wait to see how the ZC turns out. I had that motor in the first wagon I ever bought and loved it. I feel like the hp rating from the factory might have been understated.

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