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Well I don't spend any time on any other forum so I have decided to build another thread for all the other cars I play around with.

I have a 04 S2000. So far it has 70mm Invidia test pipe and Q300 catback, whiteline 30mm solid front sway bar, and a Forbidden Mugen Rep hardtop.

I have a 04 CTS-V. Its full bolt on car. Its the reason behind the cadillac_dave login name.

I also have been building a 88 RX-7 convertible with a LM7/T56 swap.





  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    i love the rx7. i had a buddy with an 88 rx7 with a 400 dirt track motor. it had abig cowl hood though to fit the carburetor, it looks like yours fits under a stock hood with fuel injection. how does the 6 speed fit in the trans tunnel? a lot of cutting? i bet the ctsv moves pretty good.
  • T56 fits like a glove. I love my CTSV. It's fun to play around in but when I have to make a long trip it still rides like a dream.
  • I bought a Nikon D3300 about a month ago and I have been playing around with it. Im not a pro but I like some of my pictures.


  • greenteagodgreenteagod Moderator
    Nice nice, Makes me want to stop being lazy with my D7000. I did get a mic for it though to do some video. Billboard does some awesome stuff with his Nikon. You still just have the kit lens on there or did you get something else? I love my little 35mm and it's cheap enough that it doesn't totally break the bank.
  • I just have the lens that came in the bundle. I have been looking at different ones but right now I just don't have any extra cash to spend. I bought my wife a 96 civic dirt cheap ( hole in the block ) and trying to get up and running cause she doesn't want to put a lot of miles on her 328i.
  • Mounts are shot in my CTSV so I went a head ordered some new ones. They are 95d solid.

  • Trying to make this my next truck.

  • Well the deal on the truck fell threw. So the search continues.
  • Well bought a 06 GMC Sierra. Not a 3500 but hey Im still in love with it.

  • Well swapped out these cheap ass Monroe rear shocks for some Rancho shocks. Truck rides so much better.
  • does the truck have the 5.3 motor? its a good looking truck. any plans for it?
  • Yep it has the L59 flew fuel 5.3. Pretty much bought it as a tow rig. Every year I buy and sell about 4 to 5 cars cause I get bored and move on. Im tired of borrowing my dads truck and my friends trailer. Im Xterra just wasn't cutting it anymore. Im going to pull the side moldings and badges off the tailgate. And I want some hide away running boards. Maybe some exhaust. Then just enjoy it.
  • Had to pull the alternator on my wife's 328i and replace the voltage regulator.


    Also got out and took some pictures.

  • Damn I was hoping it was pictures of the regulator replacement =D
  • I should have did a right up on it because there are hardly no good ones out there. Or at least I couldnt find any. And when I did find one it didn't tell you what tools you needed to do it. I had to buy two different sets of torx sockets. Luckily I still had an American Express card from our wedding gifts to pay for them. It was pretty straight forward with replacing it. It's a E90 so BMW used a lot of torx bolts in the car. I'm also waiting for my ICM to get here so I can get my 320i (E21) back on the road.
  • Been working on this turd. It's a 82 320i. Has a few issues but the main issue I'm working on is it won't run. Found out today that it will run on starter fluid so the fuel pump won't come on. Either the pump is locked up or not getting voltage.
  • So I found out today that it has bad fuel pump relay. Also the pervious owner informed that the fuel booster pump in the tank is dead. So I did a little research and found that the main fuel pump will pull fuel threw the booster pump but tends to wear out the main fuel pump. So looks like I get to pull the booster and main pump. Luck for me BMW build a panel in the floorboard so you can get to the booster pump with out having to pull the whole tank out.
  • So finally got around to putting in the motor mounts in my CTSV. Longtubes had to come back out.
    These are the mounts compared to the old ones.
  • Well it's been a minute since I have posted anything so here it goes. I bought a ton of parts for my RX7. All I got left is engine harness, flash the ECU, driveshaft, and exhaust.

    Got my wife's ek back to running. Bought all new shocks, skunk 2 adjustable springs, adjustable rear UCA, and some 50/50 tail lights for it. She likes it so far. Need to paint it next.


    Also came across a 2002 Saab 93 convertible. Lady was going to scrap it but she wanted 500 for it. Highest offer she got was 250. Car runs and drives. Only thing wrong with it is it needs a driver taillight, driver front blinker, and driver front fender. Also the anti theft system is acting up. I read online that the control module for it is powered by two 123 batteries. Of course they die over time and it starts immobilizing the car cause it thinks someone is trying to steal it. I offered to fix it for her but she didn't want to fool with it anymore so I bought it. I don't plan on keeping it. Fix and resale for a small profit and fund my other projects.

  • Wow it's been a year but it's time to get back in the swing of posting updates.

    To start things off my wife hated the EK so I started driving it. Automatic started to slip so I pulled it and converted it to manual. Also pulled the system out of my wagon and put it in my EK.

    Finally drove my S2000 to Gatlinburg Tennessee and took some pics.



    Also the paint on my spoiler had started checking. Took a da with some 400 grit sand paper and found out that it's made out of carbon fiber. I just cleared it and put it back on.


  • Gawd who paints over carbon fiber? Looking good!
  • Don't know why the pervious owner did it. I thought it was a cheap eBay spoiler. When I started sanding, I found out real quick it wasn't lol.
  • A local pull it yard had a 50% off sale and I dropped in to see what they had. Scored some OEM mud flaps and a sunroof visor. Also found a catback Apex'i exhaust. 35 bucks for everything.

  • Went to the junk yard this weekend and while looking threw the trucks I found a diesel with a borg warner turbo in. Cost me 50 bucks. Now to boost the ek or S2K is the question. The pepsi bottle is for size comparison.

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