jeffs 1986 toyota 4runner

this is my 1986 4runner.i bought from a friend of my moms for $400. it is the 22re with a 5 speed. its the first year for the independent front suspension. it has a removable top. and i have a bikini top from a jeep cj for it when the roof is off. it has almost 330,000 miles on it now, but still runs great, the transmission was changed before i got it, about 35,000 miles on it.these are pictures before the lift, i put 1.5'' ball joint spacers in the front, and did the zuk mod(coil springs around the bump stops) in the back. ill try to get pictures of how i sits now soon. other than that i had to make an exhaust for it, and changed the timing chain, waterpump,oil pump, etc. because the plastic guide for the chain was cracked.

this is pretty much how i got it.

this is after the lift and 33x12.5x15 rims and tires.



i only painted the valve cover with vht wrinkle paint and added an aem air filter.


i made a set of rear dodge pickup shocks work because i didnt want to buy lift shocks, so i cut the shock loops off of the toyota shocks, and cut the dodge loops in half, and welded the toyota loops to them.


  • this is my exhaust made from a stock muffler, newer toyota pickup lengthened tail pipe, and a tacoma front pipe that was long enough to delete the cat.



  • i mustve screwed something up, because of the rat rod pictures in the original post.

  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    i added a bikini top from a jeep cj, and a bar i made out of conduit to get the sag out of the middle. i still have to add a button snap to the front corners but i like it. it doesnt flap around while driving either.86.jpg
  • t9wagont9wagon New Wagonist
    That's dope man, not bad for 400$! Never seen a bikini top like that on a 4runner. Keep it up
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    thanks. i saw the bikini top on a few 4runners on a toyota forum, which is where i got the idea.
  • well after 331, 000 miles the head gasket decided to finally go. since i bought the truck it seeped a little water, so i used bars leak aluminum sealer and it helped for about a year and a half. so i did a new head gasket, water pump,
    timing chain , etc. about a month ago. i had this steel bumper given to me, so my brother added some mounts and a piece to the bottom of the bumper, and it fits great. we cut holes for the amber turn signals, which are universal truck lights for fleet stuff, nice and cheap. and i bought the 25'' cree led off road light from amazon for about $65. it is mounted to the bumper with brackets from my chevelles old drum brake spindles. it is very bright, i like it.

  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    Heck ya sweet runner.
  • thanks man
  • i added an lc engineering short throw shifter kit to my 4runner, its like shifting a civic now. it had to take about 5 inches of travel out of the throw,
    its a pretty nice kit.
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    I like all the presidential engineering. I would kinda like to mod my 4runner, but it's still too nice and my vacation hauler.
  • thanks. what year 4runner?
  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    It's a 2000 Limited
  • nice. i had a chance to buy one that body style with a bad rear for about $500 but it fell through. theyre nice trucks.
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