Return of the Original 1/30 Scale Paper Civic Shuttle Models

What's up guys! I've been away from the forum for a while since selling my wagon, but I've been catching up here lately. The community here has grown a lot and I'm happy to see all the enthusiasm for the civic wagon in recent years. I've loved these 4th gen wagons since they were first released before I could even drive, and lately have the urge to try to find another one.

Anyway, to the point, I thought I had lost these original paper models on a dead harddrive for years, but recently was able to get the old drive working long enough to transfer these and a few other files. I've gotten several requests to repost these, and am more than happy to do so. I never would have put all the effort into making these just to make one for my self. I made them for you guys who love these civics, and hope you all enjoy them.

Here are all 9 original PDFs. Viewing through the built-in PDF viewer makes the images lower quality. I recommend downloading and printing from your computer.


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