Wagons At Work!



  • DRMORTYDRMORTY Council Member
    Not a wagon... But, a Hatch.. After my own hear.. He has a Roof rack & a tow hitch..
  • sitdown jetski in the wagon, fuck yeah. A deal I couldn't pass up, even though it fucked up my latch and now my hatch won't stay shut, oh well, made money on the flip and I'll fix the latch someday

  • DRMORTYDRMORTY Council Member
    ^^^ nice!!!
  • shenrieshenrie Council Member
    awesome pix everybody. good to see people arent scared to use thier car for what they need it for!

    no new pix from me, and not doing work per say, but definitely doin werk...

    as a 4x4 adventure vehicle:

    hauling bikes and people up the hill:

    handing ass at the local rallyxs:



  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Good enough. Playing hard or working hard - as long as we are utilizing our wagons, that's what counts!
  • TerminusVoxTerminusVox Senior Wagonist
    Resurrecting my mailbox a few months back.
  • OK, so not working very hard, but come on! It is TWO CASES of Dogfather beer. My favorite!!536.jpg
  • 3rd4ce3rd4ce Council Member
    ok so i dug this up ...
    i had helped a friend move back in Virginiaonly used Scrappy for 2 trips

  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Do Work Son!! Think I like the cases of beer best so far :)
  • PopPopsGaragePopPopsGarage Council Member
    Not to crazy there is a carbon fiber eg hood, mpi intake manifold, the back half of a exhaust, side markers, a seat, bumper lights, me and 2 other people, and the other part of the exhaust on the roof

  • Haulin some Abyss away from the Deschutes Brewery Abyss release party with some friends last Thursday in Portland. OK, I really am not an alcoholic! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  • CamoCivicCamoCivic New Wagonist
    Most of you know that I use my Civic Wagon (1990) for touring. We play music all over North America and when we're on tour, we put about 6000 miles a month on my wagon! It's awesome. Holds us, a complete sound system, 3 banjos, 1 cello and a guitar. The topbox has our camping stuff and clothes. I keep a milk crate in the car with tools, for the little-fix-its along the road.

    Here's a music video of my music--a song I wrote 2 years ago when I was working in Argentina. Coachecita is featured for the first minute! I know I need to put up more photos of this car, but here's what I have for you today.


  • Got a few speakers for the shop. It is hard to see but there are also two seat belted into the passenger side seats!
  • 50.jpg

    I have moved apartments a few times using only my wag. I used to have a full-size futon that fit inside with the hatch open.
  • This is why I want to install roof rack on mine.
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