factory service manual PDF thanks to RTI INTRAC

Hi I just picked up RT 90 civic wagon :numbness: Can't seam to find host or link for PDF FSM. I've owned lots of cars and can always seam to find FSM but the civic wagon is being a pain in my ass to find any help would kickass. Yes I've searched and non of the links work accept the owners manual:victorious:


  • Please help bought fucked wagon need manual so I can fix its going to be my wife's car and just don't want to spend money on manual need to spend money on other shit thanks.
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    Just use any Civic EF one, they are basically the same apart from the panels
  • Thanks I See that but need the rear wheel drive shit think that's some of my problems are back there. Thanks for the heads up
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    Search on here, all info to fix everything is on here
  • Thanks I have been working with Honda to create oem parts list so I can post for all of you. But when it comes to the manuals it's more for me and whoever else needs the info. I really think it should be out there for every one to learn From just answers so many questions. Plus if I see a pull-apart I'll remember for ever lol thanks for the help.
  • :encouragement:
  • Any one can u help thanks?
  • Ebay is all the help you need. Invest the measly 40-50 bucks and be done with it, just like most of us have.
  • Thanks for the help.:encouragement:I know some one has it just a matter of time. Can't spend money on that right now so I thought i would ask thanks.
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    I caught some sucker that had the 1988 FSM on amazon for $20 and it was mint. so now i have a greasy finger FSM with a few pages missing and a clean hands only copy.
  • Ill keep my eyes out thanks go the heads up.
  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    I have some EF shuttle/crx PDFs if people want a copy
  • I thank you good sir need to down load to night so I haven't tried yet hope it works for me thank you one more time.
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    rti intrac wrote: »

    You are the man!
  • This has become a sticky thanks to RTI INTRAC. Even though I have an FSM for every year I do appreciate having a PDF.
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    ragenasian wrote: »
    This has become a sticky thanks to RTI INTRAC. Even though I have an FSM for every year I do appreciate having a PDF.

    CTRL + F changes everything
  • rti intracrti intrac Senior Wagonist
    Your welcome. I have found a few pics of the rear diff and put them in the same folder too
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    rti intrac wrote: »

    The 84-91 Honda_Civic_Shuttle_CRX_84-91_RepairManual_rus

    Is in Russian!

    thus the _rus in it - Arrgggg...

    Pics are helpful - but no descriptions.


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    I'm going to look into some non-destructive scanning. I have one spare whole FSM but it's too valuable to me to have it torn apart and my others arent fully complete. Looks pretty expensive depending on options like making the pdf indexed and such
  • ^^^^^That would be fantastic hope to hear more from you soon.
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    These PDF docs are awesome. Thanks!
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