jeff's 1969 chevelle

this is my 1969 chevelle i bought when i was 13. i have had this car for 11 years. i found it on a chevelle forum for $500 in levittown long island. we drove it home. i couldnt wait to get my working papers, when i turned 14,so i could start buying parts for it. we fixed it once about 8-10 years ago. then i decided to do it right, so we took the body off the frame and i got new bushings suspension, lines, etc. my brother did the body work. new full passenger side quarter, and partial driver side quarter panel. every single body panel is either new or repaired.

350 4 bolt main block cast iron heads
mild cam
flat top pistons
edelbrock intake
4160 holley 600cfm carburetor
ceramic coated headers
hei distributor
muncie 4 speed
stock 8.2 rear end with 2.56 gears for now

new quarter panels
trunk lid
passenger side door
windshield lower frame
rear window to trunk shelf

eibach 1.3 lowering springs
kyb shocks
edelbrock rear control arms
tubular front control arms
front and rear sway bars
energy suspension body mount bushings

new trunk floor
new floor pans
some new parts in boxes (carpet,headliner, etc.)
still need seats,door panels, and some dash pieces
new speedway motors 20 circuit universal wiring harness



  • Nice start! Gonna look nice with some gloss in the bay and everything washed up!
  • we got the car in primer. we used a high build primer and added a little coach black to darken it up.342.jpg[/IMG][IMG][/img]jeff113_zps0c73fbd6.jpg[IMG][/img]jeff112_zps5fdeff9d.jpg[IMG][/img]jeff111_zps165a97f7.jpg[IMG][/img]jeff110_zps3de1e074.jpg[IMG][/img]jeff109_zps602530ec.jpg
  • turbo_tegturbo_teg Council Member
    heck ya!!!!!!
  • my sister found her other camera memory card. so these are some pictures of the frame before the sem rust shield rust encapsulator. and also the body.[IMG][/img]DSC_0415_zps6601c3e5.jpg[IMG][/img]DSC_0418_zpsb93b4b10.jpg[IMG][/img]DSC_0419_zps4240d582.jpg[IMG][/img]DSC_0421_zpsdcd826eb.jpg[IMG][/img]DSC_0422_zpsf5d8e3a5.jpg[IMG][/img]DSC_0424_zpsbc2c9308.jpg
  • dont mind the mess in the garage. i just wanted to get the frame in the garage. so it was cleaned after it was in.
  • heres a back body shot[IMG][/img]DSC_0425_zps225a6a85.jpg
  • here are some more motor pictures, and also my shifter.205.jpg[/IMG][IMG][/img]jeff148_zpsd73350c8.jpg[IMG][/img]jeff149_zpsea44bdf7.jpg[IMG][/img]jeff150_zps4e327bc4.jpg[IMG][/img]jeff151_zpse4dda110.jpg[IMG][/img]jeff153_zpse597c3f7.jpg
    this is my hurst competion plus shifter from an old corvette. 206.jpg[IMG][/img]jeff155_zpsab283bbd.jpg[IMG][/img]jeff152_zps10dcdc1b.jpg
    these are the front seats i might use from a grand cherokee, just recovered black.
  • i went to ground up restoration in connecticut to pick up some goodies, new hood, weatherstripping, emergency brake cables, etc. it would have been $200 to ship the hood, so i put $50 in my gas tank and 2 hours of driving each way.
    thats my brothers model a in the background.
    bad picture of the battery tray.
    my trunk floor drain plugs.
    my new gas tank and straps installed.
  • heres my new exhaust in the back of my civic. i used to have a flowmaster system on the chevelle, but i gave the piping and mufflers to my brother and he made it fit his 1953 chevy about a year ago. so i bought a thrush kit. it sounds good and i have a set of exhaust dumps to put in. its 2 1/2 pipe, and cheap mufflers for about $250, compared to about $400 for the flowmaster kit. i painted the pipes with aluminum high heat paint.258.jpg259.jpg
  • i also went to an old car junkyard around here, and picked up some parts i havent been able to find new(the hood catch, and glove box molding that says ''malibu''). my brother and i also aligned the front end. we got the gaps nice, and the doors and hood open the way they should.
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    i changed my mind about the color. i ordered dark cherry pearl from my job. it is a stock honda color 2007-2013. we are hoping to paint the car by next weekend.
  • True to ur Honda nature you r painting ur classic muscle a Honda color hellz. yeah
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    well my chevelle is finally painted. and we started putting on some trim, and weatherstripping. we also painted the door jambs, instead of leaving them satin black. the paint came out great. im very happy with it. my brother (who painted it in his garage) is not as happy with the way it came out. but other than a few runs in the clearcoat, and a mosquito the size of a pteradactlyl landing on the roof, im very happy with it.
  • That is quite sexy. Cherry color looks good on the old ride...
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    thanks. we were thinking about putting 2 white stripes on the hood, and trunk. but if we do its not going to be this year. i think the little bit of chrome breaks it up enough.
  • Nice paint job. IMHO I think the white stripes would really set off that color. Good job!
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    thank you. the stripes will most likely happen, but not this year. i am going to look at a few different options, because there are a few companies that make vinyl stripes for these, or if we are going to paint them on.
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    here are some back shots with the bumper on. i just need to get more bumper bolts.

  • RoRoRoRo Wagonist
    now you know i LOVE this build!!!

    that cherry looks great on her, are you going to do a cut and polish on it ?
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    my brother and i wet sand and buffed it, but we have to redo the top of a couple of panels. after that i got a nice carnauba wax for it.
  • were you on the saab fourms?
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    nah. no saab forums. i do like some saabs though, but never owned one.
  • i finally installed my headlights and yellow high beams, with the bezels.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse074_zps0e91e146.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse075_zps6dac404b.jpg[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse068_zps5978b296.jpg

    this is my stock gauge cluster so i can drive it. until i get enough money for a new bezel that accepts autometer gauges.153.jpg[/IMG]
  • i got some new pictures. ive been driving it for a while. i had a new windshield put in. my brother and i installed the rear window, and the moldings.
    i borrowed my moms seats from her lemans until her car is driveable, or until i find seats.307.jpg[/IMG]and these are the rally wheels i got that i have to clean up and paint for it.[IMG][/img]jeffsisuzucivichearse105_zpsfd43684a.jpg
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    ive been pretty busy on the chevelle lately. i installed a new hurst super shifter, painted wheels, put in some interior pieces, rebuilt carburetor, painted the seats with duplicolor vinyl paint. the most recent upgrade i did, was i installed an auburn gear posi unit, and a set of 3.73 richmond gears. it is a huge difference compared to the 2.56 gears that were in the rear. i will try to get some pictures, along with some new project pictures.
  • ive been hoarding 99-02 chevy and gmcs lately. i have 3 ls motors now. 1 4.8 and 2 5.3s. im going to put a 5.3 in the chevelle in the spring attached to the muncie 4 speed. eventually ill do a single turbo but not just yet.
  • civtec350civtec350 Wagonist
    my engine bay full of emptiness.


    getting motor ready for paint. its a 5.3 ls lm7 from a 2002 gmc sierra. thinning up the harness thanks to a lot of info on lt1swap.

    getting it mocked in place with the lsx innovations motor mount adapters, and a holley oil pan to clear the tie rods and crossmember.
    its back out now to fininsh cleaning it up and paint.


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