Hydraulic SOHC S22 AWD transmission discussioon



  • drfinkdrfink Wagonist
    wagoneer77 wrote: »
    T mount is done. I'll post pics tomorrow night. You can use the Hasport d series cable to hydro mount kit and modify the existing one or if I could get enough interest I could possibly produce a mount kit for this conversion.

    In for pics! Good to see someone finally got this done.
  • GriftyGrifty Wagonist
    So I have my hands on both boxes now, I'll try to document the differences between both.
  • wagoneer77wagoneer77 Band Wagon
    Mounts done but having other issues prior to installing in the car. I will tell you that the passenger side mount is the same as factory real time mount.
  • wagoneer77wagoneer77 Band Wagon
    The s22 uses the 85-87 rt4wd clutch release bearing. Mines ordered when it comes in ill be finally getting this in the car to make sure my rear mount works. I haven't posted pic yet because I'm unsure if it works yet. Check back for pics
  • keithjkeithj Band Wagon
    We demand updates! Please.
  • wagoneer77wagoneer77 Band Wagon
    Still trying to find alternative for release bearing. No luck so gonna order one thanks to Griftys help. Stay tuned
  • keg hatchkeg hatch New Wagonist
    i also just go the s22 off a buddy because my 2nd was grinding...he told me it was the same trans as the wagon rt4wd... anxious to see if it will work!!:encouragement:
  • wagoneer77wagoneer77 Band Wagon
    It's gonna work. I got it back in today and mocked it up late tonite. I'll get pics tomorrow and post. You have to either replace the front cross member with an aftermarket one or grind the mount bracket off so hydraulic slave will clear.
  • GriftyGrifty Wagonist
    Cant wait to see some pics!
  • jabberwockjabberwock Band Wagon
    Any pics/updates specifically of the mounts?
  • jonyboy08jonyboy08 Band Wagon
    did anyone ever get the s22 trans to mount in? having trouble with mine
  • jonyboy08jonyboy08 Band Wagon
    Did anyone ever get the s22 trans to mount in? having trouble with mine.
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