My 1987 CRX Si - Where it all Began

Well, I have showed a couple of pics before, but here is my CRX in it's proper place on the fourm.

The story:
I purchased this car right before I graduated high school and headed off to college. February 13, 1997 to be exact. I had been looking for a Honda for a while, particuarly a CRX. I found this one on a used car lot. It was a one owner (female owned) and had 101k on the clock. I gave $3,000 for it. It was in great shape, the paint a little faded, bit not bad. I drove it to college for a year, and then decided to paint it up nice. My uncle owned a body shop, and I went and spent a week with him. He taught me the in's, and out.s of body work. He showed me how, and I did the work. We removed all dents and gave her a coat of DuPont 1996 Volvo Brillant Red. I was in love. I drove it all through college and took it to NOPI Nationals in Atlanta for four years in a row 1998-2001.
We've been through alot. Several accidents - one of which by the way was a week after I painted it! A break in with a cinder block, and many miles and stories. All along I have collected goodies for it and she will always be my baby. I currently have around 210k on her and she spends most of her days now off the road under shelter but loves to come out and play on nice days.

Some of the details...

Motor: Bone stock with homemade PVC short ram intake.

Brakes: Integra Rear Disc Conversion

Interior: OEM Digital Gauge Cluster from New Zeland
Factory all-weather mats
DC Short Shifter
JDM Three Spoke Steering wheel

Other: OEM Honda Sunroof Visor
Lightspeed side markers
Factory Bosch Fogs with Covers & switch
Strut Tower Brace
Ballade Sports Badges - (came with Digital Cluster)
Sebring Stainless Exhaust
Giovani 15" Racing wheels

Here are some pics I have on file right now but I will try to dig up more.
These were before I got the fogs.

Old sub setup back in the day
Me, The OG, & Carl



  • RobbRobb Wagonist
    Like that old school stereo system.
  • leWolfleWolf Senior Wagonist
    Damn, that crx is amazing! It's making me remember my old crx and my mr2's. Btw Mr2's are money pits! But damn the mr2's and the crx handle so fine! :lol:
  • Andy TFAndy TF New Wagonist
    Wow, Thats an absolutely stunning example!

    Im still on the hunt for one of these, Its only been 2 years. So hard got on this part of the planet!
  • Hondasport windshield decal and a Sebring exhaust...what's not to like! Clean CRX man. 8) This takes me back to like '97 with my '87 g1teg!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    You already know I love this car. HAHA :mrgreen:
    This thing is ridiculously clean!
  • ayouayou Band Wagon
    Thats the cleanest 1 gen i have seen in awhile!
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Just revisiting an old thread. CRX is still alive & well! She made November Ride of the month over at

    Also got some newer pics to share.

    New Mugens!

    They wouldn't fit my Integra rear calipers. Angle grinder strikes again!
  • Wow! Cluster is sick. Stay classy
  • josh1vtmjosh1vtm Council Member
    :drool: Where did you get those wheels???? ;) and hows the family?
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    The cool parts fairy brought them to me. (although he's not really a fairy :welcoming:) Everyone here is good.
    My center caps came. 2-fit, 2 don't imagine that :)
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Time has been hard on the ole CRX. She has stayed parked for the better part of three years. I bought and built my 79' Civic. I spent a lot of time and energy on the wagon and enjoy it now as my daily. Then I bought and built the Landcruiser. Not to mention working all the time and raising a family, it just fell by the wayside. Such a great car! I can't take it any longer! Time to bring her back and show her some love!! There are broken panels to be fixed an dings, and scrapes everywhere. I restored it back in 1999 and it has seen a lot since then.

    I got her out of the shed earlier this week and gave her a bath. Then it was into the garage for tear down.
    What is on the agenda you ask??
    Well here is a run down:

    -HVAC First up, blower motor was making an awful racket for years. - Fix that

    -Dash Lights are out

    -Audio - Wife bought me a new stereo for Christmas (knowing this was coming)

    -Restore Mugens back to glory wrapped in new rubber

    -Paint & Body - Fix all blemishes, dents, dings, Broken panels, etc.. Then full respray.

    -Suspension! the thing I am most excited about! 213,000 miles has not been kind. Suspension is shot.
    sparing no expense here. Most all budget is getting dumped here. Fully adjustable Tein Coilovers, adjustable camber plates,
    New torsion bars, Adjustable pan hard bar, Full bushing kit, the works!

    -Powerplant - Will remain untouched for the time being with the exception of tidying up the bay a bit. Original EW1 runs like a top.
    no money left after everything else. Drive it til' it dies, then revisit. I'm sure a swap will be in store in the future.

    Here is the final bath, and the interior tear-down. Had to pull the dash to get the blower motor out. Never seen anything that packed with leaves
    and debris. It is cleaned, re-insulated, and re-installed now.
    I figured it best to work inside out. I'll put the dash back next, fix the gauge cluster, and install the stereo that will pretty much finish the interior portion.











    Oh yeah, started in on those wheels too!


  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    :rolleyes: rear discs stock??!!
    edit nvm very cool car love the classic mugen rims on these things
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Well today I finished up all the little interior jobs. Dash is back in, Gauge lights all functioning properly, new radio installed, and a few broken bits epoxyed back together.
    Now I can focus on body work. I have yet to being myself to start sanding on that shiny red paint though!
  • ChaifeChaife Instagram grand master
    This is amazing. Can't wait to see it and get a chance to take pictures again too!! Cheers dude.
    Great choices regarding the budget with this revamp. 2 thumbs way up. :encouragement::encouragement:
  • FrankzFrankz Band Wagon
    So beautiful, Can't wait to see more progress.:encouragement:
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    Oh where to start, where to start.
    When I left this thread, with the CRX jacked up and wheels stripped, that's pretty much where I stopped.
    I put stock wheels back on and parts back in the car and parked her out in the shed for the next couple of years. I had a lot on my plate
    and this project went by the wayside. This was until one day, I was browsing eBay and saw a 1987 CRX semi-local that only had a couple of hours left,
    no bids, and an opening bid of $200. Naturally I placed a bid and low and behold, won me another CRX for $200!
    She had some engine issues, some busted panels and broken glass, but it had a mint interior, some pieces I needed, and gave me the motivation I was lacking.
    Away I went to swoop her up and to drag my CRX out of hibernation, for what was about to become the beginnings of something great.
  • simplyhondasimplyhonda Council Member
    I stripped the interior on the silver one and pretty much swapped everything out. I got new carpet, new seats, a new dash. All better than what I had.
    I also managed to strip a bunch of little bits and pieces I needed. And since I didn't need a shell laying around, I put it on CL and quickly sold it off to be built as a race car.
    I had a hoard of free parts and now a fabulous looking interior!

    Interior, is that all??

    No son, interior was just the start. I knew now what must be done, something I had wanted to do for a long time..
    Drop this baby to the ground. I ordered a custom Tein setup made exclusively for these cars on special order only.
    It took all my money. But sometimes, you gotta do, what you gotta do. Install was very involved and lengthy.
    But my, is it it ever fabulous!

    Oh, and you remember those Mugen wheels I had started stripping? Well, I sent them off to my buddy that has a wheel restoration
    business and let him work his magic on them. They came back better than I ever could have hoped for. Yeah, that was cheap too.

    The results of my work and financial demise.
  • Amazing! Those newly installed wheels look great.
  • Why...why havent I ever seen this thread before. Its amazing.

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