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To clean up the multimedia forum from all these photoshop threads/requests please start posting your photoshop related topics here please. With so many photoshop threads it is time to try and consolidate them into one thread if we can.

So if you want to offer up your services, make a specific request, and or just post your photoshop pictures up this is now the thread to do it in.

All new photoshop threads will be merged into this one.

Thanks everyone and lets see your work!


  • Womper1Womper1 Band Wagon
    Thought i would give photo manipulation a go,

    I don't have Photoshop i'm just using a free online site called Pixlr (

    Let me know what you think, i'm by no means a pro at this as it's my first go but i'll try and improve :D

    First attempt is a kinda mix between the VAG/Dub approach and JDM any ideas for the next one???

  • driftin90driftin90 Senior Wagonist
    Thats really cool.
  • josh1vtmjosh1vtm Council Member
    can someone photoshop me a picture of an ef wagon in the reflective blue pearl that the new fit ev is being produced in?
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    I would like to see a honda pop up head light front end like older accords and integras or a prelude on a civic wagon
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