Biohazard's brown wagon.

ive been stupid lazy about starting a new build thread. but on the other hand ive gotten a lot of work done since i got this wagon. so the story begins as i heard about a nearby junkyard has this wagon, i took a day off work to travel an hour to do so. i get there after we got this massive 2 foot snow storm, so me and my gf have to dig it out of the snow to even see the lower parts of the body panels. we get it all dug out to find no wheels, bad front brakes, no heater blower motor, and no dizzy. body had been repaired so that was good. $600 later i had a new(to me) wagon. so inside of a week i had swapped all the needed parts to get her road worthy in the 2 feet of snow that the sky just dumped on us while in the freezing temp range. and one of those days it was freezing raining while i did the front suspension swap.(that sucked alot)
either way it all worked out in the end and she has been awesome ever since i rescued her from the junk yard.

mods list so far:
Engine: stock ((for now)have a z6 ready to put in)

skunk2 front camber kit
energy suspension bushings
CRX/Civic rear sway bar (stock parts)
2wd shocks/springs
PW:JDM 3 point front strut bar (needs to be put in after i do my motor swap again)

14 inch american racing AR 24s
195/55r14 toyo proxes T1R

EBC red stuff pads


blue front bumper with custom lip and fog lights
removed orange lens from bumper lights
6000k HID low beams
JDM tail lights
blue undamaged hood and tailgate

pic of the day i got it, it had no wheels on it.

then when i got it home and got the brakes and wheels switched over from the blue wagon.

this is how it looks now after the body parts swap. different wheels though.

ill get more pics up after i take some more and sort and upload them.
thanks for looking.


  • ChaseChase Wagonist
    Nice wagon, how are you liking those fogs, I loved the ones on my 90 wago... legitness!
  • TerminusVoxTerminusVox Senior Wagonist
    You know, I spent the day working outdoors sweating and thinking uncharitable thoughts about the heat. I take it all back! Good job!
    thanks guys. i really like the fogs, i use them all the time.

    i got pics of some new wheels that i got some tires for. i painted them black with a brushed lip.

    they are now on my girls white 92 sedan. i put my ARs back on cause i like the stickier rubber.
  • ok so ive been lurking for a long time after getting this wagon and have been very busy... this means major improvements have been made.

    i finally got my Z6 in! and on it is a S2 adjustable cam gear,weapon r adjustable FPR, and external MSD blaster coil.

    its running really good, but has a slight 250 rpm surge while idling after its been driven and warmed up. sometimes it settles but not usually. any ideas? i think its the IACV, ill have to switch it out at some point but im not in a hurry.

    thanks for reading!
  • The BlockThe Block New Wagonist
    Looks good! What route did you go on the engine wiring/harness? Are you using a P28 ECU? Sounds like you may want to clean the IACV, that did the trick for me a while back (different set up though...)
  • thanks, i went with a rywire ecu obd1 conversion harness with a p28. i also have the dizzy conversion harnesses. i put obd1 injector plugs on and used the EG injector connector block where the resistor box went. otherwise its a stock wagon harness.

    ill post more pics as i take them.
  • ok i know ive been absent for a long time but i have been lurking. im going to write up a post of what ive done since my absence.
    i miss all of you and the community. i have big plans for the wagon that i cant wait to show all of you.
  • Ok, I know i'm terrible at posting in a timely manner. However I have done lots of work on the brownie. So here goes...

    so since i got the Z6 swap done i have done the following repairs/mods:
    I figured out that my idle surge is related to disconnecting power from the battery. it clears up after a few days to a week depending on the time of year, like a ECU relearn cycle.
    Installed my 3 point front strut tower brace.
    Replaced that ugly red Weapon R FPR with a clean AEM FPR and fuel rail.
    Replaced all 3 U-Joints on the driveshaft.
    Replaced the gas tank for one thats not leaking.
    Replaced all of the rear diff mount bushings.
    Lowered with Tein spring for a DA on KYB struts and orange ebay extended tophats.
    New front upper balljoints for the S2 camber kit and an ebay rear camber kit.
    Painted the hood with chalkboard paint.
    Had my friend paint a set of wheels for me in Danburite Gold (bronze) with 195/50R15 Toyo Extenza HP tires.
    Installed an ENGINE START button.

    Thats most of the repairs/mods so far except for some rust repair that I'm not done with yet.

    In the future I'm planning to do a custom S/C install with a 3.8L GM S/C. i have and modified to turn CCW, i now need to fab the manifold that it will mount to.
    I also have to replace the tranny because mine is super crunchy and the synchros are shot. But on the bright side it still drives.
    I'm planning on taking it off the road to do the S/C and tranny and rust repair. Meanwhile I'm going to beat the crap out of the 92 sedan i have over the winter.

    Thanks for reading, and waiting for me to finally get around to writing this up. I'll post pics soon of her current state.
  • Very interested to see a gm s/c fabed up, with those being so cheap and easy to find it would be sweet to start using them on Hondas!
  • Bay shot


    Car shot

  • bam-bambam-bam Council Member
    Welcome back! Supercharger sounds interesting.
  • here is a pic of the S/C that i modified to rotate CCW.

    notice the fill plug on the snout is upside down.
  • so here pic of the mock up i have set up so far. need to do lot of aluminum fab.309.jpg
  • what a crazy trip its been...

    so 7 years later, I've gotten married, bought a house, quit my shitty tire shop job and became a Subaru certified master tech, bought an 03 forester to daily. I got divorced. I have a new GF, and she's pregnant(as of this post). I bought and rebuilt a cr85 dirtbike then tore my ACL with it. so then i bought a go kart to rip while im not allowed to ride bikes after surgery.. now I'm trying to buy my ex out of the house.

    oh and some wagon related stuff, she's supercharged now. but not with the gm S/C... found a jrsc and put that in. in the process of doing that i upgraded a ton of stuff, but still a stock block and head otherwise.

    things I've fixed/upgraded before any super charger stuff happened:

    • front wheel bearings replaced
    • password:JDM rear toe links
    • skunk2 rear camber kit
    • 1320 performance UEL D series header and mishimoto pusher fan due to clearance
    • custom downpipe for 1320 header to clear rt transfer case, wrapped
    • innovative mounts front crossmember/radius rod kit(the one with the billet radius rods)
    • removed a/c system(it blew up again so i took it out)
    • got some Naytontech 3d printed cupholders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • FDe wood dash inserts(love these things)
    • i rebuilt one of my trannys by combining multiple trans' into one working one.(good trans had bad case rear mount bolt holes)
    • replaced clutch and flywheel
    • while the trans was out replaced oil pan(bastard is leaking again)

    the JRSC wasn't complete of course so i had to get multiple parts just to get the car running. that includes:

    • 1320 JRSC serpentine belt/ALT bracket
    • 90* FPR adapter
    • aem fpr return 90*banjo nipple kit
    • replumbed p/s lines to clear JRSC pulley
    • eBay 440cc 12ohm injectors(they work for now)
    • custom hps cut to fit silicone 180* coolant bypass hose
    • serp belt
    • hondata s300v3
    • soldered in the chip kit myself
    • innovative motorsports scg-1 wideband/solenoid control gauge kit
    • autometer boost gauge

    so with the JRSC i upgraded:

    • Skunk2 66mm throttle body
    • skunk2 4 bar map sensor(got it before i realized i didnt need a 4 bar)
    • HPS 68mm silicone offset intake tube
    • ktuned thermostat housing
    • eBay silicone coolant hose kit
    • amazon oil cooler kit with oil filter sandwich plate
    • tucked engine bay fuse box under glovebox
    • analog oil pressure gauge
    • replaced p/s oil cooler(leaking)
    • oil catch can system to replace pcv system. eliminated black box on back of block.

    so far ive only street tuned it myself just to get a/f ratio right in basic driving and stable in WOT with the pulley on it it does around 4-4.5 psi. i have a 3 inch pulleyboys pulley to put on it. cantswait to seeww e what that will pump out.ight now im redoing the exhaust in 2.5 inch mandrel bends and a magnaflow muffler. ill be finishing that when spring comes.

    she got rear ended and I now have a matching brown tailgate. thats a long story on its own.

    i haven't taken any pics in a while. but i will when the weather gets better.

    thats all i can remember off the top of my head. ill update this post as i remember more stuff. theres definitely more. anyhow, heres some pics:

  • welcome back to the forum, what A introduction man thats a lot to deal with. A JRSC thats a good upgrade to go with you've done some work with all those parts

  • thanks, I'm always lurking but rarely have the motivation to make a post like that. ive been posting to instagram these days just because its easy. on there im @GWagonEE4. its only Gwagon because my last initial is G. obviously there are more pics there.

  • following, mine is I post here once an awhile just waiting to get my Red RT build but need to move into another house before I start that project

  • That was my wagon! Glad to see it went to a good home haha. I got it for free from my uncle on the grounds that I got it running and on the road. I deployed in 2010, and my younger brother drove it while I was gone. The timing jumped a tooth, and he sold it to a Honda shop. Funny story about that front right fender…..

    edited May 2021

    wow thats crazy. ive owned it since jan 2011. i bought it from the junk yard in oakham for 600 bucks. i always loved the fender hatchet. ive always called it the prison tat being that i got it from the junk yard. when i got it from the junk yard they took the dizzy and wheels and blower motor so i had to put all that in from my blue wagon before this one. i fixed the timing in my drive way in the freezing rain. i also swapped my front suspension into it in the snow when i got it.

    where about are you these days? still in mass or moved on elsewhere?

  • The hatchet was a stencil my Brother-in-Law made. Shame about the wheels, I think I had 6 RT4WD steelies. It got sold to a Honda shop in Barre, and then must have gone to the junkyard. Must have only been there a few months if you picked it up in Jan of ‘11.

    I live down in PA now. My brother is still in MA. I got into Datsuns and I’m building a 240z, but have always had a soft spot for wagons.


    ive always loved the 240z. its just a beautiful car.

  • Cool build man ! I’ll be keeping an eye on your thread to keep up to date with your mods ??

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