(EE/EY/EF) (98 Cents)Seat fold down knobs



  • wftbwftb Wagonist
    I guess I was lucky that ours were broken off flush .
  • 537.jpg
    Another alternative, lol
  • klumklum Senior Wagonist
    what did you drill a hole thru the bolt in the seat to do that? lol how does that work!?
    what i did was just went to the junkyard and got all the knobs off every type of honda/ isuzu i could find came out with like 12 before i decided i had enough haha they might not be the same color everytime but i have enough replacements for a life time
    i think we all have been there haha
  • Yes I did! I just drilled through the metal in the middle - worked like a charm.
  • JimboJimbo Band Wagon
    Love this thread! Yeah, I know it's been 5 years since last message, but I just got my wagon and have the same problem. Good tip with the drawer pulls. Will have to see what I can find
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